Salihli Bulent Ecevit Junction

Salihli Bulent Ecevit Junction

Salihli Bulent Ecevit Junction

The Salihli Junction, called the road of death by the people of Salihli, was approached to an end in the intersection project initiated by the Manisa Metropolitan Municipality. Stage stage 1 in the studies organized. With the opening of the stage to the vehicle traffic, the works on the side road connections are progressing at full speed.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality by the people of Salih 'death junction' at the intersection of what he termed the approach was near. Within the scope of the project called Bülent Ecevit Interchange at Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Assembly, 800 meter long bridge, 26 thousand 600 square meters in total on both sides of the bridge, 1 thousand 23 square meters after the completion of the assembly of the railing and auto railing XNUMX. stage was opened to vehicle traffic, contributing to the relief of Salihli's vehicle traffic. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality XNUMX thousand square meters of side road connections ongoing work by Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu Road Construction and Repair Department Chairman Kurtuluş Kuruçay on-site review, the contractor received information about the company's authority.

To be completed in a short time

Deputy Secretary General Ali Öztozlu stated that they will complete the work in the shortest time and underlined that the viaducts under the vehicle traffic are being considered as parking lots and that they will also respond to Salihli's parking need with the project. Side road connections and the work in the parking area to be completed as soon as possible, indicating that they aim to be used as a parking space, especially in the Salihli'nin lighten the load on the parking lot, he said. Ali Öztozlu wished that the work done would be beneficial to the people of Salihli.

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