'Barefoot' Movement in the Russian Subway


Officials said barefoot walking in the subway could cause physical injuries and different health problems

A new trend has begun at the metro stations in various cities of Russia. The followers of this trend, the majority of which are women, walk barefoot in metro stations.

Sputnik According to the news in Turkey, some of the passengers, including a large number of Russian cities located in cities such as Moscow and Novosibirsk bare feet prefers the subway travel.

Followers of this movement called 'bare-footed' call for walking barefoot all day long in the city.

33 year old Youtube The move, led by blogger Polina Smerch, is against the rules, according to officials.

Metro officials warned passengers that they should avoid this action during their travels on the grounds that the action could cause physical injury, and that barefoot walking can also cause health problems.



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