Halkalı Kapıkule Railway Line Meeting Held

ringed kapikule railway line meeting was held
ringed kapikule railway line meeting was held

Halkalı Kapıkule Railway Line Meeting: 08 July Under the chairmanship of Kırklareli Governor Osman BİLGİN, 2019 on Monday Halkalı Kapıkule Railway Line High Speed ​​Train Project meeting was held. Governor Bilgin stated that the Modern Silk Road Belt and Road Initiative Project is an important project that can change the economic progress, power balances and political conjuncture of the world. Halkalı-It is an important project covering Edirne, Kırklareli and Tekirdağ and partly the Istanbul region, with two sections regarding the Kapikule section. ” said.

Bilgin at the coordination meeting held in the Special Provincial Administration Council Meeting Hall, HalkalıHe said that the Kapikule high-speed train line is part of the Modern Silk Road Belt and Road Initiative Project, and a load reaching 50 days with the Silk Road will be reduced to 8 days with the Belt and Road Initiative Project.

On the line where Büyükkarıştıran, Lüleburgaz, Babaeski stations are located, the 62 km part of the railway line will pass through the borders of Kırklareli. With the new high-speed train line, the journey time and distance will be reduced.

As it is known, Modern Silk Road Belt and Road Initiative Project is realized with the grant fund of the European Union.
The biggest project that the EU grants in the transportation sector is Halkalı-Kapikule Railway Line High Speed ​​Train Project. The project will be an investment of 275 million euros with the grant support of 529 million euros.

Halkalı What's in the scope of Kapikule Railway Line?

Tender, Halkalı Kapıkule Railway Line Project Çerkezköy and Kapikule Section includes the construction of a new railway line consisting of telecommunication, signaling and electrification systems and a double line with maximum 200 km / s operating speed. Available electric single line to connect to new lines Çerkezköy and Edirne stations.

Structures to be designed within the scope of the project:

  • Project speed: 200 km / h
  • Total 230 km Double Line
  • 5 Station and 2 sayding
  • 6 Viaduct
  • 24 Railway Bridge
  • 2 Tunnel
  • 7 On-Off Tunnel

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