President Seçer Puts an End to the Path of Students

president secer put an end to the road of the students
president secer put an end to the road of the students

For a long time asphalting work, especially the students suffered great grievance of citizens, especially in the district of Erdemli Mehmet Emin Yazar Street road problem, was solved by the order of Mayor Vahap Selector. Students and citizens of the school on the street using the street, took a sigh of relief with the completion of studies.

Fatih Yüncüoğlu, the principal of a private school, conveyed the victimization of the students on Mehmet Emin Yazar Street to the President Seçer at a festival in Silifke. Following the instructions of President Seçer'in Road Construction Maintenance and Repair Department teams, finished the road related work in three days. Thus, after the infrastructure works of MESKİ in Koyuncu, Yüksek and Türbe Neighborhoods, the grievance caused by asphalt which has not been discarded for nearly 1 years has been solved.

Mayor Seçer: yolu This is not the way to school ”
Principal Fatih Yüncüoğlu stated that they had great problems about the road and said, X 1 was in the mud for years. We set up a booth for the promotion of our school at a festival in Silifke. There we met with the President while visiting the stands, we said that the way of our school. Our president, 'The way the school would not be' he guided us to the officials next to him. The school was built in three days. Thank you very much. ” Completing the road also satisfied the citizens sitting in the surrounding Yüncüoğlu records, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Vahap Seçer'e thanked for the importance given to education.

Thanks from the residents of the neighborhood
Nebahat Demir, who uses Mehmet Emin Yazar Street, also underlined that he found the works well done and said, “We went in a lot of dust and came. The works are going very well, thank you very much ”.

Ali Akkuş, one of the administrators of the private school, stressed that 1 has been experiencing the gravity of this road for years as both school students, school teachers and the surrounding citizens. Thank you very much for this. We would like to thank our President for his efforts in the path of the training center and for his sensitivity in this matter and we wish the continuation of his studies ”.

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