'Pedestrian First' Warning at 170 points in Izmir

pedestrian warning at point in izmir
pedestrian warning at point in izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started to make ground marking within the scope of the 'Priority of Life's Priority Pedestrian' campaign of the Ministry of Interior. The 'First Pedestrian' image, which started to be applied to school and pedestrian crossings at 170 different points, will spread to all of Izmir after the central districts.

2019 was declared the 'Pedestrian Priority Traffic Year' by the Ministry of Interior. Ground signing will be done at approximately 170 points in İzmir for the campaign launched with the slogan 'Priority is Life, Priority is Pedestrian' across the country. Prepared to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic, 'First Pedestrian' images will be drawn in front of pedestrian and school crossings so that drivers can see them. Thus, it is aimed that the drivers slow down by warning with ground / ground signs and give pedestrians the right to pass by stopping. The study, which was initiated by the Traffic Services Branch Directorate of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, will spread to 30 districts after the city center.

Right of first pedestrian
An important amendment was made on October 2918, 74 in the 26th article of the Highway Traffic Law No. 2018. According to the new regulation, drivers have to slow down when approaching pedestrians or school crossings with no traffic sign or signposts, but there are no traffic signs or signs, and stop pedestrians passing or passing through, if any, stop first.

The first visual warning was made on Halit Ziya Boulevard
With the amendment of the law, a campaign was initiated to mark the roads across the country to be applied at school or pedestrian crossings on the important and priority roads of the city, whose speed limit is below 30 km / h and there is no signaling system. In this context, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality applied the first 'Pedestrian First' image on Halit Ziya Boulevard. Continuing to mark the ground in Karataş, Buca and Bornova, the Directorate of Transportation Department Traffic Services Branch Directorate will implement the application in 170 different points of the city.

Reduction in accidents started
According to the data of the Ministry of Interior, within the scope of the campaign launched with the slogan 'Priority is Your Life, Priority is Pedestrian', in the first six months throughout the country; 12,3 percent in total of fatal and injured accidents, 31,3 percent in fatal accidents, 12 percent in injured accidents, 35,2 percent in casualty loss and 13,1 percent in injured number.

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