Pamukkale Flights will be safer

Cotton flights in the castle will be more secure
Cotton flights in the castle will be more secure

Pamukkale Flights will be safer: Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, another contribution to the tourism life of the city is undersigned. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality building, Pamukkale hot air balloon flights, paragliding and light air vehicles are allocated to serve more secure and controlled flights.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, which has made great contributions to the education, culture, sports, social and economic life of Denizli, is signing another study that will contribute to the tourism life of the city. In this context, Denizli 2nd Metropolitan Municipality Ordinary Meeting of July 31nd Meeting was held under the chairmanship of Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan. In the meeting, the issue of the allocation of the building, which is located in Akköy District of Pamukkale, belonging to the Metropolitan Municipality, which is included in the 1st item of the agenda, was discussed free of charge. Slot Service Center will be established on the first floor of the building, where the former Akköy District Governorate is owned by the Metropolitan Municipality, with the protocol to be signed between the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, General Directorate of Civil Aviation, Denizli Governorship, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Pamukkale Municipality and Cappadocia University.

Security measures will be taken

With the establishment of the center, the hot air balloon, light air vehicles, and motorized and non-motorized paragliding flights in Pamukkale, the tourism paradise of Denizli, will be much safer and controlled. With the coordination of the flights taking place in Pamukkale region, the facility will provide many security measures such as meteorological evaluations, statistical data, suitability for flight, airspace usage control, paragliding standards.

Denizli will get more shares from tourism

Denizli Metropolitan Mayor Osman Zolan reminded that the Metropolitan Municipality has implemented many projects in order to increase the tourism diversity in the city and drew attention to the balloon and paragliding tourism that has increased rapidly in the Pamukkale region in recent years. Noting that the flights will be made in a safer and more controlled manner with the center to be established, President Osman Zolan said, “We will continue to provide the strongest support to every step that will be taken for our sea to get more share from tourism. Good luck and good luck already. ”



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