Ordu Metropolitan Citizens Warns of Traffic Accidents

army warns citizens of big city about traffic accidents
army warns citizens of big city about traffic accidents

A warning due to increasing traffic accidents in recent days, the Army Metropolitan Municipality Department of Fire Department warned citizens and drivers to comply more with the traffic rules.

The majority of traffic accidents, excessive speed, violation of the rule, carelessness, unconsciousness, alcoholic driving and not to comply with traffic rules underlined in the statement that the following statements were given.

Trafik Traffic accidents in our city are increasing day by day. This is mainly due to excessive speed, carelessness and the proliferation of unconscious drivers. According to the figures provided by the Traffic Services Department of the General Directorate of Security in the Traffic Statistics Bulletin, 2018 fatal-injury traffic accidents occurred in our province in 1936. So far, total 21 citizens have been killed and 3267 citizens have been injured in these accidents. On the other hand, it is very important for our citizens and drivers to take precautions against possible accidents and obey the traffic rules before the upcoming Eid al-Adha.
Measures to be taken to minimize traffic accidents are as follows:

a) Do not drive with alcohol.
b) Always wear your seat belt.
c) Do not distract yourself while driving.
d) Observe the speed limits.
e) Check your headlight settings.
f) Avoid dangerous driving and close monitoring.
g) Wear your helmet when riding a bicycle or motorcycle.
h) Observe the rules of passage and lights when crossing the street.
i) Stop at intersections, do not overtake in hazardous areas.
j) Avoid hastiness.
k) Be careful and tolerant in traffic.

If you see a traffic accident:
• Move your vehicle to a safe place and keep your safety at the forefront.
• Establish a safety strip at the scene of the accident. Keep the crowd away from the scene of the accident. You can use the surrounding people for this.
• Review the risk of fire and explosion. Disconnect the battery.
• Stabilize the vehicle.
• Do not attempt to remove the victim from the vehicle unless there is an emergency.
• Do not intervene unless you have first aid training. Give him psychological support by talking to the victim.
• If there is bleeding, stop the bleeding.
• Call 112 immediately. Try to provide complete information about the victim's condition and the scene of the accident.
• Seek help from the 110 fire department if the victim is stuck in the vehicle.



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