Denizli Card Online Refill Period Has Started

online refill period started on marine card
online refill period started on marine card

Public transportation to realize the project will be an example to Turkey Denizli Municipality, citizens have brought a new simplicity. With the new application, Kart Denizli Card an, which is used in urban public transportation, can be filled online using credit or debit card.

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality has introduced a brand new application that will facilitate the lives of citizens in public transportation. With the application implemented by the Department of Information Processing of Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, Denizli Cards, which are used in urban public transportation, can now be filled online using credit or debit cards. New online filling system, address, android or IOS operating system can be downloaded to mobile phones and tablets Denizli Metropolitan Municipality application is carried out through the Transportation Portal. Citizens Denizli Denizli Card with the application to load the dealer or fill point is no longer needed to call attention.

Whether credit or debit card

While explaining that TL can be loaded to Denizli Card either by credit card or bank card by entering from computer or mobile devices, it is explained how from, respectively:
• You can make online TL loading with the 8 digit card number on your Denizli Card.
• Online uploads to Denizli Card will be activated automatically within 10 minutes after the payment process and the first time you use your card in the vehicle.
• Denizli Card TL loading amount 5 (five) TL, 10 (ten) TL, 20 (twenty) TL, 30 (thirty) TL, 40 (forty) TL, 50 (fifty) TL, 100 (one hundred) TL and 150 ( hundred fifty) TL.
• As a result of Denizli Card Online TL transactions, the card balance can be maximum 150 (one hundred and fifty) TL.
• TL card uploading to Denizli Card can be done only with 3D Secure Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

Citizens are satisfied with Smart Stop Information System

Denizli Mayor Osman Zolan, stating that the technological infrastructure is one of Turkey's most prominent public institutions, wished to be beneficial new applications. Some time ago, they can be reached via the Transportation Portal Intelligent Bus Information System application, they have implemented, Denizli's computer or mobile devices where all the line buses, how many minutes after the stops at any moment to follow the information that Mayor Mayor Osman Zolan, some of these buses for instant monitoring Stations are placed in smart screens, both applications are welcomed by the citizens reminded.

Için For a happier and more peaceful Denizli ”

Mayor Osman Zolan stated that they have invested millions of pounds from bridge junctions, Traffic Management System and smart stops to parking lots in order to make Denizli's transportation sustainable. He said: uz We strive day and night for more comfortable and comfortable travel of our citizens. In this context, we use technology at the highest level. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed to the effort. We continue to leave more works to the future and to add beauty to our Submarine together. Everything is for a happier and more peaceful Denizli. ”

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