Setting of Dance Competition for Bursa Nostalgic Tramways

nostalgic tram rides dance competition setting
nostalgic tram rides dance competition setting

Nostalgic Tram line will be closed between the hours of 33:30 and 33:7 on Sunday, 2019 July 18, the 00rd International Golden Karagöz Folk Dances Contest will be held this year, the 19rd of which is held by folk dances of nearly 30 countries.

International Golden Karagöz Folk Dances Contest; To offer the city people the opportunity to get to know different national cultures and dances, to fuse these values ​​in Bursa's traditional culture pot, to launch our city as one of the folkloric centers of the world, to prevent the forgetting of traditional cultural values, to bring them back to the agenda in the context of scientific standards in contemporary norms by providing the opportunity to compare different nations and national concepts Bursa Metropolitan Municipality with the aim of fusing together in a sweet competitive atmosphere, revealing the brotherhood of the people of the world within the framework of the universal peace ideal, contributing to the world peace in this way, ensuring the recognition of our country and our people internationally with its touristic richness, hospitality, cultural values ​​and assuming an active mission in the international promotion of our country. It has been held by since 1987.

Günceleme: 11/07/2019 01:54

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