Minister Turhan: '133 Billion TL Investment in Railways'

minister turhan railways have made billion TL investment
minister turhan railways have made billion TL investment

In his speech at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry's (July) Ordinary Assembly Meeting, Minister Turhan stated that it was meaningful to carry out the meeting under the title of haberleşme communication, transportation, infrastructure and projects which are among the most important elements of the economy in terms of global competition and our industry ”.

That established the Republic of Turkey on the basis of economic independence and Turhan Minister stated that it is an indispensable principle for Turkey, said:

Günümüz In today's world where trade wars are waged on a global scale, the importance of this principle is much more vital. Because economic independence has a fundamental dynamo effect that directly affects everything. Transportation and communication services are affected by this dynamo. Transport and communication are so important for this era that in the event that one of its gears stops or fails, almost everything from daily life to trade is directly affected and even knotted. The important thing is to have the infrastructure to turn this wheel in the long term and to renew it and to arbitrate it according to the conditions of trade and age. At this point, we should not forget that the geography of the region has advantages as well as disadvantages. ”

Turhan, emphasized that Turkey was lucky in this regard, "Our country is located in the world's transportation systematically at a key spot. We live in such a geography that we are at the intersection of three continents, because we are on important trade corridors, we are almost a natural logistics center. We are a logistical base not only between east and west but also between north and south on a global scale. ”

Turhan pointed out that if production is the first step for an industrialist, it is the second step to get it to the market in the safest and cheapest way, and they have started a development-based mobilization mobilization by signing a historical decision in this country.

“We made the airline the choice of not only those who have a lot of money, but everyone herkes

Minister Turhan, forming the backbone of the transport system, road network, the split roads, highways, bridges, making it much more powerful with tunnels and viaducts, Turkey's noted national and international corridors, they arbitration.

State extends to every corner of Turkey and they raise the physical and geometric standards on provincial roads, intelligent and high-quality transport systems Turhan stated that they improve by service level and traffic safety facilities, many years neglected the railway transport, the reminded take the focus of the re-transport policy.

Turhan, it has access to the air transport world technological and structural changes of applying in Turkey in a short period of time, such as 16 years, the airline not only with a lot of money by transferring that make everyone's preference, the air transportation network beyond the opening of the air transport liberalizing competition abroad said they bow to public .

Turhan emphasized that they made Turkish Airlines a global brand preferred not only by Turkish citizens but also by world citizens, and increased their value and competitiveness in this field with Istanbul Airport, one of the largest air transportation centers in the world.

Turhan stated that the meaning and importance of the seas is not only within the political boundaries and that they have great value in terms of geo-economics. Starting from the fact that advances in information and technology affect the fastest and fastest communication sector in the world, we have made significant investments in this field as well. We have equipped our country with communication facilities that are indispensable for everyday life. ”

With all this work today, transportation than yesterday also access also much easier, safer and Turhan explained that prosperous Turkey to Converged, "communication and transport infrastructure have the most basic elements of the economy, our industry in global competition, industrialists our offers much greater benefits than yesterday today. " said.

X We have invested TL 133 billion in railways ”

Turhan, under the leadership of our President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and with the support of governments in order to ensure a balanced distribution between modes of transport, such as in developed countries, said that the railroads with a new understanding, said:

Öncelikli We have identified and prioritized policies as the priority policies to implement the liberalization of the sector, to expand the High Speed ​​Train and High Speed ​​Train network, to complete the renewal process of the existing lines, to make the lines electrically and signaled, to expand the logistics centers, and to accelerate the development of the domestic and national railway industry. In this context, we have invested TRY 133 billion in railways. Our country is located in the middle corridor of the east-west railway connecting Beijing and London.

We have completed the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line and Marmaray and the back links, which are the two most important components of the railway line, the middle corridor of the “Belt and Road” project, which will connect China to Europe. Thus, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Line, which initially has an annual load capacity of 1 million passengers and 6,5 million tons, is planned to carry 2034 million passengers and 3 million tons of cargo at the end of 17. ”

“Electric lines cost less than 60 compared to conventional lines”

Minister Turhan, in 2023 TCDD Transport Inc. and private rail train operators share of total terrestrial transport from 5 percent, 10'ya percent, they said.

In addition to all these, Turhan stated that they have built high speed train lines suitable for 200 km / h in which freight and passenger transport can be carried out together with high speed train lines.

“Within this scope, we are working on the construction of total 1.786 km high speed train lines and 429 km conventional railroads including Bursa-Bilecik, Sivas-Erzincan, Konya-Karaman-Ulukışla-Yenice-Mersin-Adana, Adana-Osmaniye-Gaziantep. In addition to railway construction, we accelerated the efforts to make the electrical and signaling of the important axes where freight and train traffic are dense. In 2003, we increased our signaled line length from 2 thousand 505 km (23 percent) to 132 thousand 5 km (809 percent). We aim to signal all of our major axes (45 percent of all of our lines) by 2023. 77 We increased the length of our electric line, which was 15 percent 19 years ago, to 166 thousand 5 km (530 percent) by increasing 43 percent. We aim to electrify all of our major axles (2023 percent of all of our lines) by 77. The cost of electric lines is less than 60 than conventional lines. ”

Turhan, next to all of them, which is at the heart of transport corridors make the logistics base of Turkey and expressed that they give weight to the logistics center construction in order to increase its competitiveness by moving by rail the burden of industrialists.

So far, the service opened and construction is completed, the total 11 4,8 million square meters in the logistics industry and logistics centers and 13,2 million tons Turhan said that they add capacity, "Turkey will transform the logistics base of the 21 pieces when the entire logistics center services to Turkish logistics sector, 35 million tons We will be able to provide 13 million square meters open area, stock area, container stock and handling area. With the completion of petro-chemical plants, manufacturing facilities for the automotive industry, and the connection lines and logistics centers that will serve major cargo centers, especially ports, OIZs and mining sites, our railways will become more load bearing in transportation. ”

“All the projects are finished but still 'what was needed?' it is possible to come across those who say ”

Minister Turhan said, “Making precious friends is not enough, it is necessary to make four heads,” he said: “Istanbul Airport, Marmaray, Yavuz Sultan Selim and Osmangazi Bridges, Northern Marmara Motorway, YHT between the two continents, Istanbul-İzmir highway… All these are both the basic element of our economy and the welfare resources of our people. All these projects are finished one by one but still 'what was needed?' It is possible to come across those who say. Instead of implementing these projects that take us to the point of leap forward in global competition, 81 percent of our road traffic would not be watched on divided roads today, railways that were intact for 150 years would not be renewed, the 8th High Speed ​​Train operator of the world. We would not be a country, the Silk Railway dream from Beijing to London would not be realized, the amount of cargo handled in our ports would not reach 460 million tons, we would not be able to grow 3 times the world average in civil aviation, and our market size in mobile communications would not reach 81 million. So far, we have spent 741 billion TL for transportation and communication investments. We realized 150 billion TL of this with the build-operate-transfer method. ”

“It is unthinkable for us to condone what happened in the Eastern Mediterranean”

Minister Turhan stated that there are large and small 2 thousand 943 projects in the investment program and the amount of these is approximately 500 billion TL. “We have realized the 226 billion TL portion of these projects and we are working on the remaining 274 billion TL projects. As you can see, we have a lot to do in transportation and communication. Istanbul has an important place in these expenditures. Because not only the heart of our industry, our nation beats here, but the heart of the world beats here. Therefore, Istanbul deserves everything, and you deserve it. ”

Meanwhile, Gebze-Sabiha Gökçen-Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge-Istanbul Airport-HalkalıTurhan emphasized that they are progressing step by step in the Kapıkule High Speed ​​Railway project and said:

“This line will be one of the most important links of European part of the Silk Railway route passing through our country. Our aim is to turn the wheels on a global scale, to grow the bread of our people and to the development of our country. This is only through production, industry, trade. We have been working for 16 for years and we continue to work despite all kinds of difficulties. We have to be strong in every way. We know very well what will happen to the non-powerful in this region. The events in the Eastern Mediterranean are obvious. Someone wants to act with the logic that I have done. This is unthinkable. That's why we all have big things. Our job is to pave the way for you, to overcome the challenges together. We are determined to further strengthen the transportation and communication infrastructure of our country and add new ones to our giant projects. As long as the wheels turn, the face of our nation smiles. ”

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