IMM Employee Raised to Help the Patient Citizen Getting Off the Subway

ibb calisani saved the life of a subway passenger
ibb calisani saved the life of a subway passenger

While traveling on the Üsküdar Çekmeköy Metro line, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) employee was trained to help the citizens who suddenly fell ill and descended from the subway at Kısıklı Station. Ibrahim Ulgen security guard, who helped the sick passenger first, saved the life of the citizen.

The metros that serve within the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality have taken measures to ensure that citizens can reach their destination comfortably and healthily. A recent incident in the subway once again reveals how important it is for the IMM staff to receive first aid training.


While the passenger named Selahattin Kovalık traveled on Üsküdar - Çekmeköy line, he suddenly became ill and started to vomit by getting off the subway at Kısıklı Station. The security officer İbrahim Ülgen, who was working at the platform at that time, contacted the station manager and brought wheelchair to the platform area. Health teams called by the communication operators transferred to Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital after making the first intervention to the patient. İBB teams, who also reached their relatives, continued to follow the developments in Selahattin Kovalık's health status instantly.


Completed treatment in Haydarpaşa Numune Hospital in eight days, Selahattin Kovalık paid a thanking visit to Kısıklı Metro Station Authority. He was first welcomed by İbrahim Ülgen and Enes Demir, the station chief. He thanked İBB personnel separately. Talking about the treatment process, Kovalık said, “Doctors said that having been intervened early in my surgery and treatment process saved my life. If it was too late, negative situations could be encountered. ”

For a while, with IMM staff sohbet Selahattin Kovalık said goodbye and left Kısıklı Metro Station.

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