Metro Istanbul General Manager Kasım Kutlu Resigns

Who is Happy November?
Who is Happy November?

Istanbul Metro AS General Manager Kasım Kutlu, one of the affiliates of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has announced his resignation. Kasım Kutlu stated in his statement from social media account that he left his post and said:

“I respect my dear President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and other mayors. In order to contribute to the development and maturity of democracy, I quit my job with a professionalism that suits the spirit of the Presidential System ”.

resignation letter
resignation letter

Who is Kasım Kutlu?

1 Mart Kasım Kutlu was born in Güneysu district of Rize in 1957. He graduated from Mechanical Engineering Department of Çukurova University, Faculty of Engineering in 1982.

He served as Deputy General Manager of Machinery Supply in Sarıyer Municipality, Maintenance and Repair Manager in Çaykur, and Machinery Supply Manager in Kağıthane Municipality. Mr. Kutlu, who also served as General Manager of İSBAK A.Ş. Between the years 1986 İSBAK A.Ş. General Manager. During this time İşbakan of Intelligent Transport Systems in the field of technology has gained a structure that produces and scored many firsts in this field in Turkey. Since 1994, ISBAK A.Ş. After his re-appointment as General Manager, he established the marketing unit.

In addition to his public experience, Mr. Kutlu has worked in the private sector and in the fields of construction and energy. Kasım Kutlu also serves as chairman and board member in social and regional associations.

Kutlu, 04.09.2015 on the Metro Istanbul A.Ş. He resigned on 01.07.2019.

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