Melbourne Tram Works on Solar Power

melbourne tram runs completely with solar energy
melbourne tram runs completely with solar energy

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, which aims to increase its renewable energy target by 50 percent, operates the entire tram network in the city with solar energy.

Melbourne, the second largest city in Australia, started operating the entire city's tram network with solar energy.

Neoen Numurkah Solar Power Plant, officially opened last week, generates 100 renewable energy percent to operate the city's huge tram network. This facility was built to provide 255 thousand megawatt hours of electricity to the national energy grid each year. The project was funded under the Australian Labor Party's Solar Trolley Initiative.

390 equivalent to planting thousand trees
Thanks to this project, Melbourne residents will have both cleaner trams and more comfortable consciences. The carbon emission that the new solar power plant will reduce is equivalent to removing 750 thousand cars from roads or planting around 390 thousand trees. Victoria, the capital of Melbourne, has set its renewable energy target as 2025 up to 40 and 2030 up to 50. This solar energy project is also considered an important step in this regard. (the Dünyahal)



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