Illegal Regretful Operation in Kocaeli Bus Station

kosman bus station and operation
kosman bus station and operation

The security team working under the TransportationPark A.Ş., an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, and the Metropolitan Municipality Police Department caught illegal contradictors with the operation they organized jointly at the Intercity Bus Terminal. Produced in unhealthy environments and harmful to the health of people who sell illegal regret to the people organized 1 operation lasted for months. At the end of the operation, 2500 seized illegal regret.


Transportation at the Kocaeli Terminal 33 security and 8 municipal police personnel connected to the Kocaeli Police Department are also prevented from those who try to sell illegal contradictions in addition to public order duties. Police and security guards do not allow illegal regretmen to sell with instant 70 cameras and patrol during the day.

Unhealthy Cookies

In a statement made by the authorities; it is stated that such regrets are produced illegally and not approved by the ministry of health, where the products sold by illegal regret sellers are not known from where they are purchased, they should never be consumed because they are produced in unhealthy environments and may be harmful to health.

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