Blue Cruise from Izmir to Ankara

blue cruise from izmir to ankara
blue cruise from izmir to ankara

Blue Voyage from Izmir to Ankara: Izmir Ankara Blue Train, which is preferred due to its natural scenery, economy and comfort, is a guest of 3 stops in 6 regions and 43 cities. The enjoyable journey is completed in 14,5 hours.

Some are comfortable and inexpensive, while others are just delightful because it uses trains.

The Izmir Blue Train, which shuttles between Izmir and Ankara, accommodates all of these factors.

İzmir Blue Train departing from İzmir's famous Basmane Station, 3 region, 6 city and 43 stops after the journey to another building that smells of history reaches Ankara Station.

The İzmir Blue Train arrives to Ankara after İzmir, Manisa, Balıkesir, Kütahya and Eskişehir respectively, and 824 kilometers travels at 14,5 hours.

Blue Train Route

IZMIR (Basmane) 20:15 KONYA 19:15
Çiğli 20:43 Horozluhan 19:25
Menemen 21:01 Pinarbasi 19:39
Ayvacik 21:18 Square 20:00
Muradiye 21:31 Sarayönü 20:18
MANÝSA 21:49 the Kadınh 20:41
Turgutlu 22:15 Tamarisk 21:05
ahmetli 22:35 Çavuşcugil 21:17
Salihli 22:51 the Argıth 21:33
Kavaklıdere 23:09 Aksehir 22:00
alaşehir 23:26 Sultandağı 22:22
hosts 23:48 Çay / Tea 22:44
Esme 00:40 who Büyükçob 23:07
SERVANT 01:53 AFYON (A. Çetinkaya) 23:31
Seat 02:49 Yıldırımkemal 00:25
Dumlupýnar 03:10 Dumlupýnar 00:41
Yıldırımkemal 03:25 Seat 00:56
AFYON (A. Çetinkaya) 04:24 SERVANT 01:54
who Büyükçob 04:45 Esme 03:02
Çay / Tea 05:08 Güneyköy 03:17
Sultandağı 05:30 alaşehir 04:09
Aksehir 05:54 Kavaklıdere 04:23
the Argıth 06:21 Salihli 04:41
Çavuşcugil 06:35 ahmetli 04:56
Tamarisk 06:47 Turgutlu 04:56
the Kadınh 07:12 MANÝSA 05:48
Sarayönü 07:35 Muradiye 05:59
Square 07:53 Menemen 06:27
Pinarbasi 08:13 Çiğli 06:44
Horozluhan 08:28 IZMIR (Basmane) 07:12
KONYA 08:37 From 19.5.2019

Students train first choice

Samet Çetin works as a mechanic on the train.

Çetin says that for the first time in his life, he boarded the train on his first mission.

Için There is nothing good for us like when a passenger arrives at the station and embraces his family. ”

Students especially prefer İzmir Blue Train.

The fact that train tickets are cheaper than bus and plane is one of the main reasons for this choice.

Conductor ensures the preparation of the trains

One of the lifeblood of the trains is the conductors.

Metin Armutçu is the veteran conductor of the Izmir Blue Train.

Armutçu prepares the train for the journey by checking its cleanliness, water and electrical installations before the journey.

Ticket control and loading and unloading of passengers are also under the control of Metin Armutçu.

Diesel and electric locomotives

Two types of locomotives are used on the train.

While electric locomotives are used between İzmir and Balıkesir, diesel locomotives are used between Balıkesir-Kütahya due to the renewal of electrical installations.

After this stage, electric locomotives are again activated between Kütahya and Ankara.

There are people trying to damage the train

Ekrem Güneş works as Train Supervisor at İzmir Blue Train.

All the responsibility of the train, such as cruising, passenger's life safety, negativities that may occur, belongs to him.

Most complain about uninformed passengers and people who try to damage stones by throwing stones at trains.

“Train is our everything, our bread”.

Izmir Blue Train, 17 May 1983 has been in service since.

İzmir Blue Train, which offers the opportunity to watch many natural beauties on the 824 kilometer route, is shown as one of the important train routes that can be compared with the East Express.

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