Interest in Owl Expeditions Increases in Izmir

interest in owl flights is increasing in izmir
interest in owl flights is increasing in izmir

“Baykuş” flights attract great attention in public transportation, which is realized among the first 100 days projects of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer. The number of those who benefit from the application is increasing day by day. Starting on July 18, Bay ferries will start the Owl expeditions on Thursday nights.

With the application of Baykuş, which was launched as the first step of the Public Transportation Campaign initiated by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the public transportation opportunity began at night on the ferry, tram and metro in addition to buses. The “Owl Expeditions”, which were previously made only by buses, became valid in sea transportation and rail system. Izmir residents can now take advantage of public transportation at any time of the day.

Owl will work at Thursday nights
With the new application, İzmir Bay is now used more intensively in public transportation. Since the start of the night flights, approximately 12 thousand passengers have been carried by the ferry. The Owl passenger, which was around 4 thousand in May, rose to 5 thousand in June.

75 percent of the passengers are from Alsancak Karşıyaka direction, percent 25 KarşıyakaTraveled from to Alsancak. The most frequent passengers are 00.30 and 01.00 from Alsancak, Karşıyakafrom 23.59 and 01.00.

Due to the fact that the Owl expeditions are higher than expected, İZDENİZ General Directorate has decided to quit trips made three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Starting on July 18, the gulf boats will also be operated on Thursday nights.

Number of passengers increased in rail system
Izmir Metro and Karşıyaka In addition to the current tariff ending at 00.20 on the tram, the Owl expeditions attracted great attention. Nearly 10 thousand passengers benefited from additional flights on the Izmir Metro on Friday and Saturday nights. Karşıyaka In the tram, a total of 97 passengers were transported on a total of 500 owls on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights.



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