İmamoğlu Visited Bayrampaşa Esenler Bus Station: 'Nobody's Family Can Enter Here'

imamoglu bayrampasa esenler bus station toured nobody's family can not enter here
imamoglu bayrampasa esenler bus station toured nobody's family can not enter here

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluAfter listening to the problems of the sector representatives and tradesmen, he toured the Bayrampaşa Bus Station, one of the bleeding wounds of the city, with the district Mayor Atila Aydın. Witnessing the negative views especially on the lower floors, İmamoğlu said, “I am uncomfortable. My child does not enter such a place, my wife does not. How can the children and spouses of 16 million Istanbulites enter here? Either my child or someone else's spouse, no one's family can enter. There is a problem with peace here. This place has lost its function now,” he said. When asked by the journalists how long it will take for the bus station to turn into a technocity, İmamoğlu said, "Well, I am a very hasty person. Frankly, I don't want to give time. It's the third time you're asking, let me tell you. I instructed my friends to finish it within 2 years,” he replied.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, together with Bayrampaşa Mayor Atila Aydın, made inspections at Bayrampaşa Bus Terminal, whose parking services were transferred to İSPARK A.Ş. İmamoğlu was greeted with a protocol at the gate of the parking lot management building. Imamoglu, to whom tradesmen and citizens showed great interest, could hardly enter the administration building. Having received information from the representatives of the sector, listening to their problems and solution suggestions, İmamoğlu started his speech by saying "Esenler Bus Terminal", and there were colorful moments. Embracing Bayrampaşa Mayor Aydın, who was right next to him due to his mistake, İmamoğlu said, "Even though it stays within the borders of Bayrampaşa, it remains in the minds as Esenler Bus Terminal."

Stating that the bus station has been serving Istanbul for years, İmamoğlu said, “Together with its establishment dating back to the 1980s, representatives of the industry made a protocol and put it into service in the city. Of course, cities are growing and developing. Some services outside the city under the conditions of that day can remain in the heart of the city today. It may need a change of function. Today, we have come to Bayrampaşa Bus Terminal to visit, to listen to the problems, to shake the hand of the tradesmen around and to determine the conditions. But let's point out. There is a problem. That is, the contract for this place has expired as of May. In fact, in our previous 18-day term, the contract of this place would expire as of May as it approaches its final days. Our term of office had somehow ended on May 6. When we came back to duty, we saw that there was no official action regarding the contract of Bayrampaşa Bus Terminal. We represent the public. We urgently needed to take action, and in accordance with this ending contract, we transferred the public institution, ISPARK AS, a subsidiary of IMM, to manage the parking lot operation of our bus station. The decision was taken unanimously at the IMM Assembly. Then, I asked our Secretary General Yavuz Erkut Bey to invite sector representatives and to share our opinion about the process with the officials of the sector. All this is the planning for the past week. As of yesterday, sector representatives met with our Secretary General and shared their opinions mutually. We came here today. ”

“In the macro planning of Istanbul, the common idea of ​​everyone including us, even our opponent, who is a candidate in this election, is that the Bayrampaşa and Harem bus stations are located outside the city, in a mechanism that dominates the main transportation axes and also meets rail systems. "Imamoglu stressed that he did not think of anyone differently on this issue. Imamoglu said: “Of course, another aspect is that these main bus stations are supported by pocket bus stations in the city. This is our main principle. In our candidacy, our sector representative and expert colleagues met and met on the way of walking on this principle. We have seen that there is not a big problem in this idea base. From the physical conditions of the bus station here to the business, until we have some security-related problems, we also know that there are problems from past to present due to a number of commercial contracts. These are not directly related to us. It may also be related. But we have promised that we will not be a management that says, 'That problem, this problem is not our concern'. Today, the choice is over, we will take care of our business. We are fixing here today. Election and the party is over
we will take care of our business. ”

"We will surely have a joint table with the actors in Bayrampaşa Bus Terminal," said İmamoğlu, "We will produce the intercity future of Istanbul and here. We are very clear on this. No one should hesitate about this. However, while discussions and planning on the design, financing and when it will be implemented during this period, we have to eliminate the problems here. First of all, we have to eliminate the security problem and the environmental damage. We have to eliminate a number of conditions that harm and restless people. This is the first one. We are now in the process. IMM has dealt with the process by means of İSPARK. Let's make this public. If there are other issues concerning the same safety, we talked to our Governor about it. Here, we will work in coordination with other institutions of the public in order to prevent other issues. ”

Speaking about the future of the bus station, İmamoğlu said, “I have stated it because it was a definition that included several adjectives before. I said, 'We are going to mind this beautiful bus station and mind and science.' What's that? We want to transform this place into a science, R&D and technocentre in a large green space. In other words, we want to turn it into a center that trains people, educates and teaches high technology. The existing structure needs a major overhaul. We want to create a valuable ecosystem in itself by carrying out all these. I already see that this ecosystem will be an investment that will positively affect Bayrampaşa, Esenler and even Güngören. It is, of course, a priority for us, that valuable sector representatives provide good service to Istanbul. The transformation of this bus station is also a priority. But when we look at it completely, our first priority is the interests of Istanbul, 16 million. Then, the interests of those who represent this sector are the interests of IMM or Bayrampaşa Municipality. We do not look at our corporate interest, we pursue social interest. In this respect, we will make an enjoyable center here that is truly suitable for the 21st century and where people breathe in the heart of Istanbul. Otherwise, we do not have the understanding to make a shopping mall here. Very clear. If there is such a thing, we will share you with this first. But we do not have such a problem. We have to produce public service in the public sphere. ”

İmamoğlu stated that they will support the transportation of the bus station to the right place, at the right time, without sacrificing people, with pocket bus stations. we want to place it at a point. This is valid for both Harem and Bayrampaşa. But I see that our bus station here has higher organizational power. We will build a systematic study. We have to accomplish this work with a system in which the IMM and district municipalities are in the ratio, wherever the place is to be moved, even with industry representatives, academicians and universities, transport experts who will produce the project. Our only requirement is that we have to achieve it fast. Because Istanbul is in a hurry. As with any subject, he is in a hurry on this issue. There is no hesitation when we collaborate. In transparency, by opening the doors, you will build and see the system in front of the public, and we will solve this job in a very short time. Good luck for Istanbul. ” İmamoğlu to, Turkey Bus Federation (TOFED) by a passenger bus model was a gift.

İmamoğlu, who also made a speech to many tradesmen surrounding him in front of the Atatürk bus in the bus station square with intense interest, repeated his statement to the sector representatives. İmamoğlu inspected the sub-car parks, bus garages and shopkeepers of various shops in the bus station on-site under great interest. Imamoglu shared his first observations here with journalists as follows: “The measures to be taken when you see the current situation do not fit in a few sentences. If I rank, the page will not fit. Your time is not enough. It has obviously been neglected for years. We will take security and cleaning measures. Nobody sends his child to such a system and says, 'Get on the bus, let's get you there'. In such a system, the bus cannot serve. While installing the new system, we will invest here in terms of making the temporary process. We will make our revisions in an effort to transform this place into science, technology and R&D center. I'm uncomfortable. My child does not enter such a place, my wife does not. How should the wife of 16 million Istanbul children get here? Ha my child, someone else's wife, nobody's family. There is a problem with peace here. This place has lost its function now. ”

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