Perception Operation to IETT Drivers?

iett soforlari perceptive operation is done
iett soforlari perceptive operation is done

Service-Is Union, IETT drivers said that the perception of the operation, said, "technical-induced malfunctions as if the driver does not create or create a perception is not moral." Was evaluated.

In a written statement from the union, some circles, particularly Mahmut Tanal, CHP Istanbul deputy, are conducting a smear campaign on social media for IETT drivers.

CHP Istanbul Deputy Tanal, 4 on July 2019 twitter account in his statement that the metrobus drivers do not run the air conditioners, metrobus drivers to cut the people's minds of the CHP and Ekrem İmamoğlu to scare the vote to start the campaign, claiming that the members of the Ibrahim, It showed.

Tanal of CHP and those who raise this claim on social media are clearly jeopardizing the safety and life of BRT drivers.

There is no information or document concerning the accuracy of the alleged claim. Metrobuses have a camera system and everything is recorded. There is no need for cheap manipulations.

On the other hand, technical malfunctions that occur in the vehicles against the will of the driver cannot be claimed to the driver friends. It is unethical to create a perception as if drivers are making or sabotaging technical failures. Moreover, this is not the case.

IETT employees carry 15 million people and do the hardest job in Istanbul under the most difficult conditions. He works diligently without saying day and night. The continuation of transportation without interruption is the result of the efforts of IETT employees. Citizen is satisfied with IETT employees. Metrobus and other public transportation vehicles are the bread trough of IETT employees. IETT workers have always supported the bread trough and bread. Metrobus drivers who have been serving Istanbul residents for many years do not deserve such partisan attacks.

We think that Mr. Ekrem İmamoğlu, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, will not honor such perception operations against his employees.

We condemn the work of perception through the laborers, and it is strange that we act with false information.

We invite those who engage in such provocations and create materials to be honest.

As Hizmet-İŞ Union, we consider perception operations against our member İETT drivers as purposeful attacks.

SERVICE-IS Our union will not remain silent against the perception operations against its members and will initiate the legal process about those who share and disseminate slander and defamation correspondence.



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