İBB Taxi Driver Closely Follow Up Passenger Problems

ibb taxi driver closely monitors passenger problems
ibb taxi driver closely monitors passenger problems

As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we closely monitor the problems experienced between taxi drivers and citizens in every period. Both the Municipal Police teams personally witnessed and the White Table ALO 153 line in line with complaints to protect the right of peaceful people to do their work on behalf of Istanbul.

In the written statement made by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; “Finally, on 11.07.2019, we followed the news about the taxi driver, who was in the press as“ The taxi driver who could not get the fee he battered ”battered the tourist he took from Aksaray to Beyoğlu.

Necessary researches have been made regarding this event and by the Public Transportation Services Directorate; The Public Quality of Service Quality Assessment System (TUDES) has been evaluated within the scope of Article 27 which includes the sanctions regarding the non-awareness of performing public duty during the transportation activity of the Service Quality Interruption Sanction Schedule, which includes the sanctions imposed on the carriers and drivers. 25 points were applied to the taxi driver and the carrier due to the violation.

As a result of the inspection conducted by the Presidency of Police Departments; contrary to the Municipal Rules Regulation adopted by the IMM Assembly of the vehicle owner / driver by the decision 15 / 03 dated and 2013 / 683; '' Inside the vehicles; For the visually impaired passengers, it was determined that there was no plate of the size with the Braille alphabet and ALO 153 inscription, and the report was arranged and sent to the Council.

In addition, the driver was fined by the Police Departments in accordance with the Highways Traffic Law.

As Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, we want to share with the precious people of Istanbul that we will continue to show the necessary care and sensitivity to provide a safe travel environment. ” expressions were used.

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