CTP and Snow Bar on Gordes Roads

gordes roads ctp and snow cubes
gordes roads ctp and snow cubes

📩 01/07/2019 11:53

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation, heavy snowfall in the winter season, connected to the town of Gordes Kalemoglu, flowers, Dutluca 24 kilometer CTP and snow bar made the work.

Increasing measures in the neighborhood roads in the town of Manisa Gordes Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Traffic Services Branch Directorate teams, receiving heavy snow during the winter season Kalemoğlu, Cicli and Dutluca roadside work made the CTP and snow bar. Reflectors were installed in the 24 kilometers of roads, especially in the neighborhoods where driving conditions became more severe. Hüseyin Üstün, Head of Transportation Department of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, who gave information about the studies, stated that they started to take necessary measures as an institution on the roads where traffic accidents occurred during the night hours and said, ık We have made this study in order to increase driving safety in our districts of rainfall in Gördes district. We will continue this work on the paths that we have identified and which are dangerous in the future. On this occasion, we wish all our drivers an accident-free, trouble-free journey. ”

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