Renault Trucks Difference in Refrigerated Transportation

renault trucks difference in refrigerated transport
renault trucks difference in refrigerated transport

📩 11/07/2019 01:54

Turkey's leading cold chain logistics firm Erman Logistics strengthens its fleet of Renault Trucks with trailers.

Mersin-based Erman Logistics, one of the most established logistics companies in the sector carrying on refrigerated transportation, continues its investments with Renault Trucks tractors. From Turkey to Central, Western and Northern European countries to fresh fruits and vegetables and other foods bearing Erman Logistics, 5 Renault Trucks T 520 highly appealing the cabin receives new delivery plan to use especially in Scandinavia line.

Erman Logistics, Europe, the Middle East and the Caucasus regions while transporting Scandinavia line to provide regular and continuous service is the only frigo logistics company stands out. The new vehicle delivery of Erman Logistics, which continues to invest especially for this line, was realized in the headquarters of Renault Trucks' authorized dealer İmam Kayalıoğulları in Mersin. Erman Logistics Chairman Mehmet Deniz, General Manager Emrah Deniz, Finance Manager Erman Deniz and Renault Trucks Sales Director Ömer Bursalıoğlu, Regional Manager Abdullah İsmet Direk, After Sales Regional Manager Can Satır and İmam Kayalıoğulları Automotive Sales Manager Sinan Karaman attended the delivery ceremony.

Since 1993, Turkey's youngest FRC certified all over Europe and the Balkan countries with a fleet of refrigerated vehicles; Stating that they carried out international transportation requiring heat control such as fresh vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, frozen products, Erman Logistics Chairman Mehmet Deniz mentioned that they renewed their vehicle parks with the latest technology; “We attach importance to green logistics in line with European standards and regularly invest in our young vehicle fleet. If your company uses the first time in Turkey Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles. We always equip our fleet with the latest technology vehicles. We offer services with the privilege of technology, even though the investment cost is slightly higher. ”

Renault Trucks' T Series is ideal for our demanding operations

In his statement, Mehmet Deniz stated that Renault Trucks' tow trucks meet all expectations of refrigerated transportation operations with their comfort, fuel consumption advantage and high performance. Deniz emphasized that they prefer safe and comfortable vehicles for their drivers that will support the high service quality they offer; “Our long routes can be even more challenging due to seasonal weather conditions. In these conditions, the comfort and safety of our drivers automatically affects the efficiency of our fleet. Our head driver test drives with Renault Trucks T series tractors and he liked the car very much. Of course, the choice of our drivers, our decision to purchase was important for us. ”

Great interest in T Series tractors in Mersin

Renault Trucks Sales Director Ömer Bursalıoğlu, who made a statement at the delivery ceremony, stated that the long-haul T Series tractors have also been appreciated by the logistics companies in Mersin. Deniz Mehmet Deniz, one of the veterans of the sector, and Erman Lojistik, his company, are also known for their sensitivity in vehicle preferences. That's why they choose Renault Trucks is a very important reference for us. We are confident that this new investment of Erman Logistics will be a reference for other logistics companies. ”

After-sales services are as important as vehicles

Stating that they are following Renault Trucks' service network and after-sales services, Mehmet Deniz said; “There are non-stop and fast-moving processes in the logistics sector. Therefore, it is important that our vehicles continue on the road without interruption. We believe that Renault Trucks will provide full support to our operations with after-sales services ”.

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