Free Transportation to Civil Servant Candidates on Exam Day in Bursa

free transportation to exam candidates for scholarship
free transportation to exam candidates for scholarship

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, Public Personnel Selection Exam (KPSS 2019) will enter the civil servant candidates, 14 on Sunday in July, showing the exam entry documents, said he could benefit from free transportation.

Alinur Aktas Bursa Metropolitan Mayor, the Metropolitan Municipality with the contributions, 3 - 7 held between the dates of July Stars in Bursa, Turkey, named 'KPSS General inaugurated the camp again.

Mayor Aktaş wished success to the candidates who participated in the training and exams in their lives and said: ne If we touch someone's lives with this organization, we would be happy if we are instrumental in doing good and auspicious works for the future of this country.… President Aktas, 14 giving good news on July Sunday, "Exam day will be free to those who show exam cards," he said.

Ols Have goals and excitement"

Aktaş stated that the Metropolitan Municipality aims to ensure the peace of the citizens in Bursa and advises the candidates on the exam and says, orum I respect your decision as one of the same places. I have never taken the public institutions exams, but as a public administrator, I can say that I have witnessed the need for public managers and public employees who really carry the love of the country, who do their job rightly, and who have trouble and excitement for the future of this country. Let your dreams, excitement and goals for the future. Strive towards these goals, but no results will not break your determination. U

Metropolitan Youth

Turkey is a strong country and reminded that President Aktas worked day and night to Bursa, 'Future' refers to young people that they work with dedication as the expression was also told the Metropolitan Municipality. Aktaş said that the activities of the youngsters, such as culture, art, sports and technology, are carried out for young people from BUSMEK's vocational courses to conferences, interviews and camps. After his speech, Mayor Aktaş presented a table to the trainers. Rector of Uludag University Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide and Union Foundation Bursa Branch President Mustafa Bayraktar wished success to the candidates who will take the exam.

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