First Pedestrian Project to be implemented in Finike

first pedestrian project comes to life in finik
first pedestrian project comes to life in finik

After the declaration of 2019 as Bakanlığı Pedestrian Priority Year Trafik by the Ministry of Interior, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality draws Y Pedestrian First ”visuals at the intersections where there are no school lights and traffic lights. The project is being implemented in Finike.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, in accordance with the circular of the Ministry of Interior Finike'de 'Pedestrian First' is implementing the project. The 'Pedestrian First' project, which started in Antalya and continued with Alanya and will be realized in all districts, has been implemented in Finike.

Traffic Branch Directorate teams, together with Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate teams in the center of Finike pedestrian crossings and pedestrian visuals are drawn to the designated points.

'First Pedestrian' work is done in the evening hours of traffic is not heavy. The Mayor of Finike, Mustafa Geyikçi, who closely examined the studies, said, birlikte Together with our Metropolitan Municipality, we are carrying out various activities on behalf of traffic in Finike. The application in pedestrian crossings is aimed at providing pedestrian superiority in traffic and increasing life safety. Mayor of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality I would like to thank Muhittin Böcek for his support. ”

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