Exporter Breaks the Rudder Highway!

exporter rudder the highway
exporter rudder the highway

the company began exporting to break the rudder by road from Turkey to Italy. Initially, because it is cost-effective, companies that prefer to send their cargo by sea are now making the transition to the road to be faster.

Italy, Turkey's busiest One of the first 3 exporting countries. Exporters, shipments to this country because of the cost advantage is usually made by sea, deliveries were found on 10 day. However, as suppliers began to demand faster deliveries, exporters began to move towards road transport.

Intermax Logistics Chairman of the Board of Directors Savaş Çelikel stated that there was a 6 percent increase in road transport to Italy in the first 40 months of the year compared to the previous year. kazanIn a period when the economy is not working, our exporter also wants to be fast and to include its product in the market quickly. Otherwise, the company that buys the product starts to search for alternative manufacturers and sellers. As in every market, we try to support the exporters in Italy as well. We reach Italy from Turkey by road in 4-5 days.” said.

Fast Logistics Accelerates Export and Production!

time in trade kazanDrawing attention to the fact that it is the biggest income of the industry, Çelikel underlined the importance of timely delivery, especially in important sectors such as automotive, food and textile. Çelikel said, “In order to respond to the urgent needs of exporters, it is necessary to deliver the goods to the delivery point as soon as possible. Fast logistics accelerates both export and production. We are at a time when we need this the most as a country.” made a statement.

Steel, automotive, textile, food and chemical sectors that transfer to Italy, steel production, manufacturing companies in these areas meet the need for high-speed delivery, he said.

Special Team, Office and Warehouse for Italy

Italy, Turkey, underlining that it is important for the export Çelikel they set up a special operations team and office in order to manage the highway to be made to this country, he said warehouse investment in Italy.

Çelikel stated that thanks to the warehouses located in Empoli, Pordenone and Varese of Italy, they are in a very strong position in the region and added that these warehouses brought their customers one step ahead in the competition.

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