Dubai Al Maktoum International Airport to Open in 2020

dubai al maktoum international airport opens at
dubai al maktoum international airport opens at

Al Maktoum International Airport (IATA: DWC, ICAO: OMDW) International airport located within the emirate of the United Arab Emirates. 37 km from Dubai city center. Located in the southwest of Jebel Ali, the airport is one of the main parts of Dubai World Central under construction. With the completion of the airport, it is estimated that it will host 12 million tons of cargo annually and between 160 and 260 million passengers.

In the mid-2020 years, work is underway at Al Maktoum Airport (IATA: DWC, ICAO: OMDW), which will replace the existing Dubai Airport.

Al Maktoum Airport, located about 37 km south-west of the city center, is the heart of the gigantic project Dubai South (Dubai World Central).

Within the scope of the Dubai South project, an extremely large airport city consisting of logistics, aviation, trade, exhibition and residential areas will be established around the airport. The airport will also have an integrated structure with Cebel Ali Port and Cebel Ali Free Zone. In this way, an extremely fast and efficient connection system between sea - air cargo will be established. In fact, this massive project was intended to be completed in 2017. However, after the 2008-2009 global financial crisis, the end date was postponed to 2027. Al Maktoum Airport, however, was launched with a cargo voyage on 27 June 2010.

Cargo flights to and from Dubai, including Emirates flights, have only been available at Al Maktoum Airport for a long time. Nowadays more than 30 air cargo companies operate here.

27 On October 2013, Wizz Air launched a flight from Budapest to Dubai at Al Maktum Airport. Over time, the number of airlines flying there has increased, but it is seen that these are generally low cost carriers and charter companies.

The operation at Al Maktum Airport is currently being carried out through a temporary terminal building. Ground handling services dnata, catering production Emirates Flight Catering and retail operations are carried out by Dubai Duty Free.

Al Maktum Airport has a very unusual project. Today, with only one runway and 7 million passengers and 250.000 tons of cargo, the square will have a completely different look when completed. As a result of the project, which will be completed by the end of next year, the airport will have five runways with an annual passenger capacity of 10 million and cargo capacity of 260 million tons.

At the end of the first phase, 130 is expected to reach million passengers. In the first phase, the 200 is the number of wide-bodied planes that can dock at the same time as the gate contact gate yolcu.

Water consumption of the airport, which is highly sensitive about the environment, will be reduced by 70% compared to the norms. 30% of the energy used will be obtained from solar panels. No waste will be removed from the airport and all of these will be processed and converted into energy. Al Maktum Airport will be the world's first nötr carbon neutral ”airport.

This giant airport also attracts attention with its extraordinary design. There will be a terminal on either side of the area. (T1 and T2) Passengers will check in and baggage check-in from these terminals. After security and passport control, the passengers will go down one floor and will pass from underground to satellite terminals in the middle of the area with a fully automated rail system.

Service elements such as food and beverage, duty-free and private passenger lounges will take place in these satellites. Featuring a flexible and modular design, the construction of satellite terminals will be very easy and relatively low cost. The operating costs of the satellites will also be low.

When the project is completed, a total of 20 satellites will be available, each of which has a capacity of approximately 12 million passengers. And so the passenger capacity of Al Maktoum Airport will be at least 240 million. (As mentioned above, passenger capacity is said to be 260 million) Passengers arriving at the airport will walk less than 400 meters to reach the nearest rail station after landing.

At Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, every detail about transportation is considered. In addition to the road connection, the train line (Etihad Rail) connecting the cities of the United Arab Emirates, the subway from Dubai (Dubai Metro), the passenger train line (Commuter Line) and an express train line (Express Line), transport to the new airport it makes it easy and comfortable. In addition, there is a metro line (DWC Internal Metro) which will operate within the airport's own land. Passengers arriving by express train will also be able to check in at the train stations if they wish.

Of course, one of the first questions that comes to mind when such a big new airport is built is when the Emirates airline, Dubai's host airline, will move here. According to information from Emirates officials and Tim Clark, CEO of the company, we understand that Emirates can be moved to Al Maktoum Airport at the best possible time for the years 2026-2027.

Dubai South and its heart, Al Maktoum Airport, is a truly ambitious project. Will the United Arab Emirates be able to fully implement this gigantic project? In order to find out the answer to this question, it is necessary to wait for the years with 2020. (havayoluxnumx)



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