New Railroad Line in Northwest Links DP World Port to Silk Road

dp world yarimca is connected to the genie by rail
dp world yarimca is connected to the genie by rail

DP World Yarımca Port in Körfez Yarımca was connected to China by rail with a ceremony held with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan.

DP World Yarımca Port, which has been operating since 2015 in Kocaeli, is connected to the railway network. Turkey's railway transport in every corner of the continuous DP World signed the so Half of the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku Railway to the Caspian Sea, from where it was linked to China. Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Deputy Minister Selim Dursun, President of the Presidency Investment Office and the Association of World Investment Agencies Arda Ermut, Governor Hüseyin Aksoy, Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, Gulf Mayor Şener Söğüt, DP World CEO Water Kris Adams, General Director of Coastal Safety Durmuş Ünüvar, General Director of Maritime Trade Halil Yıldız, General Director of Marine Inland Waters Taner Keskin, Gulf Governor Hasan Hüseyin Can, AK Party Provincial Chairman Mehmet Ellibeş, TCDD General Manager Ali İhsan Uygun, TCDD Transportation General Manager Erol Arikan, related department managers and managers of organizations attended.

Half time line of major frequented by DP World, the rail link will no longer be reached anywhere in Turkey. The construction of the railway connection, which started last January, was completed in 6 months. Kris Adams, CEO of DP World Yarimca, who hosted the opening ceremony, said in his speech, “The railway was also connected to China via the Silk Road with the Kars-Tbilisi-Baku line. Thus, our port will have the feature of a door opening to European countries through the Middle Corridor. DP World provides management consultancy to Aktau and Korgas ports in Kazakhstan. Chinese market of Europe to connect our port in Turkey which plays a critical role'm sure it will also contribute strategic position on the "gave expression to the place.

Turkey's 80 million large and Adams, indicating that the young population, "Turkey is a strong local infrastructure investment environment, high growth rates in the next 5 years, the world's largest 10 economy between entering destination and a rapidly developing country with many features such as progress konteynırlaş the direction. It has an important place in our global network. That's why we will have made a total investment of 550 million dollars with the 50 million dollar investment we will make in the next six months to DP World Yarımca, which was established with a cost of over 600 million dollars. ”

Half of the words continued DP World CEO Kris Adams, "Turkey's imports and exports are offering to move. We are here to help the economy grow in the long run. In this context, we invest in our port operations and human resources, and we offer effective solutions to our customers and suppliers on time and cost issues by getting support from our global experience and knowledge. ”

Adams then Chairman of the Presidential Investment Office Arta Ermut speaking "17 momentum that Turkey was caught last year, is not a coincidence. Business and strategic location of Turkey together with the improvement of the investment environment, skilled workforce is dynamic and has a population of our country has become an attractive investment and logistics center. We have been instrumental to edge that connection with each Yarimca railway network in Turkey with the opening of this railway. Our goal is not only to increase port or railway investments. Our goal is to every corner of our country to ensure that all our investors operating in Turkey and the world of transportation. As the Investment Office, we have always prioritized multi-faceted projects such as DP World and will continue to do so. ”

Stating that the junction line connected to the railway line between Kocaeli and Istanbul is one kilometer long, Ermut said, hat The line made suitable for block train operation transports the loaded wagons to the pier. DP World Yarımca port, which uses the most advanced technologies, can load or unload directly from the wagons with its remote controlled cranes. With the railway connection, DP World Yarımca Terminal will go anywhere where the rails extend, especially in Ankara, Eskişehir, Bilecik and Kütahya. The shipment of mines, marbles and machinery, which are usually delivered by rail, will reach the port and from there to the rest of the world in an economical and safe way hat.

Ermut'un then came into the microphone Mayor Assoc. Dr. Tahir Büyükakın, "Turkey's economy, our country and we are a fabulous host-city in terms of our city. 6 will be connected to many notes of Anatolia with the railway connection in a short period of time. Thus, the new silk road connection will be realized. I would like to thank the stakeholders who contributed to the investment. In our city there is the logistics movement of the daily 200 thousand trucks. Mr. Minister, we need to expand this line and build a logistic village for the road connection. This is vital. Turkey, the future will be one of the rising stars of this supposed increase in branch lines, "he said.

Governor Huseyin Aksoy, "is one of the Kocaeli province offering great contribution to Turkey's economy. When we look at the load ratio handled by our 34 port in Izmit Bay, 73 takes first place with Ton. DP World, which is located in such an important city, will make a significant contribution to the investments. In order to gain more shares from international trade, the cost of logistics activities should be reduced. This investment will also contribute to lower costs. 18 percent of the foreign trade is carried out with Kocaeli customs ”.

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “We live in a country where more than 73 of its borders are surrounded by seas. We are the natural base at the logistics point. We are a global logistics base not only between East and West but also between North and South. Transportation is the main wheel of social welfare and economic structures. We establish world-wide roads, airports, railways and transportation infrastructure. We make all of them meet. We said that our private sector should put its hand under the stone and add strength to our power. This is the investment here today. This service is a first in our country for the private sector. ”

Stating that the most economical transportation from coast to inland is the railway system, Minister Turhan said, dık We have dealt with the railway concept with a new system. Our priority is to expand the logistics center to make all of the lines electrically and signaled, and to develop the domestic and national railway industry. Within this scope, we invested 133 Billion TL in the railway. Since 2003, we have achieved the success of making the average 135 kilometer railway per year. In 2023, we aim to increase the share of TCDD and private railway operations in terrestrial transport from 5 to 10. ”

Tur In addition to the high-speed train lines, we are building high-speed train lines suitable for 200 km / h where freight and passenger transport can be carried out together, Bakan said Minister Turhan. We have given speed. In 2003, we increased our signaled line length from 2.505 km (23 percent) to 132 Thousand 5 km (809 percent) by increasing 45 percent. We aim to signal all of our major axes (2023 percent of all of our lines) by 77. 2 Thousand 82 km (19 percent) We have increased our electric line length by 166 to 5 Thousand 530 km (43 percent). We aim to electrify all of our major axles (2023 percent of all lines) by 77. ”

Stating that they have actually commissioned the 21 from the 9 logistics center and completed the construction of the 2, Turhan said, uz We continue the planning and construction of the 10. With the total number of 11 logistics centers that have been opened and completed until today, we have provided 4,8 million m2 area and 13,2 million tons carrying capacity to our logistics sector. When the 21 logistics center goes into service, we will be able to provide 35 million tons of open space, stock space, container stock and handling area to the Turkish logistics sector with the possibility of carrying 13 million tons. Thus, our country will realize its claim to be the logistics base of its region to a great extent. ”

Stating that there are 433 connecting lines with a total length of 281 kilometers, Minister Turhan said, de We planned to build a total 38 km length connection line for 36 OSB, private industrial zone, port and free zone and 294 production facility in the coming period. We also make rail connections to ports in order to transport cargoes more quickly and economically. There is a total 10 mileage rail connection to the 4 port and the 85 pier. We will provide more connections (7 km) to 25 port, including important ports such as Filyos, Çandarlı ”.

Minister Turhan continued: “I believe that the amount of cargo handled at our ports will increase from 460 million tons to billion tons (2003 million tons at 149). The purpose is to open the way for the industrialists, to ease the burden and to reach the market easily. In this sense, we sincerely applaud our step-by-step operators with their own resources. Therefore, the line we have opened today is of great importance in terms of being an example. With this service, Yarımca Harbor adds value to its value. The meeting of the port with the railroad also reveals its broad and great vision. The fact that this vision is shared with our private sector and taking steps in this direction when necessary is proud of our country. Kul

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