Improvement of Bridges in Divriği Kayseri Railway

divrigi kayseri railway bridges
divrigi kayseri railway bridges

TCDD 4 Regional Directorate Improvement of Bridges Between Divrigi and Kayseri

2019 / 275427 with the limit value of 2.921.466,76 TL and the approximate cost of 4.311.130,93 TL of TCDD 4 Regional Directorate of Turkish State Railways Directorate (TCDD) 26 / 2.925.191,44 has submitted the tender to the tender. KAÇAR + NECATİ KILIÇÇELİK has won the joint venture. The 4 company, which participated in the tender, submitted a bid below the limit value.

The tender covers the painting of 18.963 m2 Iron Production, Construction of Hair on Existing Railing (48,60 ton) and Construction of 194,256 ton Profiled Iron Railing and Diamond Sliced ​​Walkway. The duration of the work is 150 (one hundred and fifty) calendar days from the delivery of the place.



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