Test Drive on Darussalam Morogoro Railway

darusselam morogoro railway test drive
darusselam morogoro railway test drive

In the DSM (Darussalam Morogoro) SGR project in the United Republic of Tanzania, the first test drive was held on 06.07.2019 with the participation of Tanzanian Transport Minister Isack A. Kamwelwe, TRC Director General Masanja Kadogosa and Korail DSM Project Manager Jong Hoon Cho. The delegation was welcomed by Erdem Arıoğlu, Vice Chairman of Yapı Merkezi, Abdullah Kılıç, DSM Project Manager, and project team at Soga Station of DSM Project.

Erdem Arıoğlu, Masanja Kadogosa and Isack A. Kamwelwe made speeches before the test drive. Erdem Arıoğlu, in his speech, mentioned the importance of the line for Tanzania and stated that the line is the fastest line built in East Africa. Stating that today is one of the historical days for the project, Arıoğlu said that they went step by step towards the end of the project.

After the speeches, Erdem Arıoğlu gave information about the project to the delegation in front of the information boards placed at the entrance of the station. Afterwards, the delegation who visited the DSM project Soga Station received the representative train tickets prepared for the test drive and passed to the train.

The train traveling from Soga Station (Km: 50) to Km: 69 + 450 by train, the delegation returned to Soga Station by train after Km 20 + 69.

Minister of Transport Isack A. Kamwelwe made statements to the press members after the trip and the ceremony was completed after the souvenir photo taken.

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