The Bus Driver Did Not Leave the Turkish Flag On The Ground

bus soforu turk bayragini did not leave the place
bus soforu turk bayragini did not leave the place

Mehmet Çöplü, who has been working as a chauffeur for 2.5 in TransportationPark A.Ş. Notice that the red flag of the cloth standing on the floor of the Turkish flag 200-year-old driver Garbage, immediately stopped the vehicle. Bringing the flag to the bus and hanging on the front panel of the driver section, Mehmet Çöplü congratulated the passengers on the bus.

Chauffeur Mehmet Çöplü, 200 16 line of Transportation Park 13.00 on Tuesday in July 60'de moved from Kartal to Izmit direction. Everything went on routine when he set off. When he arrived at Güzelyalı, he looked in the mirror and noticed that the vehicle was crushing a red cloth. But I couldn't tell what it was. After the 70-XNUMX meter progressed, Çöplü looked at the mirror again and realized that the cloth that was standing on the ground and just passed over was the Turkish Flag. Garbage immediately attracting the vehicle to the safe place flowing traffic, the Turkish flag took action to get off the ground. Mehmet Garbage from the ground by coming to the side of the flag, hanged on the front panel of the driver section.

Driver Conquests FETHETTİ
The passengers in the bus also tried to understand what was happening from the driver's movements, which stopped and went down. Passengers who lived short-term shock, a few minutes after the driver with the Turkish Flag in the hands of what happened to see what happened. While the driver Mehmet Çöplü conquered the meaningful movement, he fully supported the passengers with applause. In fact, passengers calling the Metropolitan 153 Call Center sent many thank you messages to the TransportPark driver Mehmet Çöplü for his good behavior. Garbage expressing happiness for the messages of thanks from the passengers, "everyone who loves the motherland nation would do the movement I did," he said.

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