Rail System Setting for Traffic in Bursa City Square

bursa urban square traffic rail setting
bursa urban square traffic rail setting

Traffic Rail System Setting in Bursa City Square: Bursa Metropolitan Municipality announced that the traffic will be provided in a controlled manner due to the works on the Kent Square - Terminal rail system line.

Within the scope of the Kent Square - Terminal rail system line designed by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, it will be provided with traffic control between July 10-25 for the purpose of arranging the bridges and connection roads built on the city square. While traffic from the wreck in the direction of Ankara - İzmir is not affected by the works, vehicles coming from Istanbul direction to the city center will be directed to the service roads. The works will be carried out mostly at night in order to prevent the traffic from being affected much. In order to avoid any disruption in transportation during the work process, drivers must comply with traffic signs and markers and use alternative routes as much as possible. (the Bursadabug)



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