Parking Works Accelerated in Bursa Emir Sultan

bursa emir sultanda car park accelerated
bursa emir sultanda car park accelerated

The Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the parking works in order to stop the buses used by the convoys coming to visit the Emir Sultan in Bursa on a regular basis. Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who is located in Derebahçe and Emir Bukhari Cultural Center regions together with his team, said: iz We will make this special and beautiful region which is one of the points of Bursa 'inshallah' parking lots, social and green areas more livable. ”

President Alinur Aktaş, Emir Sultan district car park and looked for space for social equipment areas. During his visit, Mayor Aktaş was accompanied by Deputy Mayor of Yıldırım Ali Mollasalih and metropolitan bureaucrats and councilors. Aktaş first came to the Derebahçe district, then continued his contacts behind the Emir Bukhari Cultural Center.

Mayor Alinur Aktas, one of the landmark of Bursa, which is one of the landmark of Emir Sultan in terms of both parking and social space need to relax, he said. 'Bursa' when it comes to mind Ulucami, Emir Sultan, Green, Muradiye, such as emphasizing that the districts of the President Aktas, “in the region currently under the restoration of the Directorate of Foundations Regional Directorate. When the work is over, the region will become more active. ” Since there are settlements in the neighborhood, the density on the neighborhood will increase, and some problems may arise, Mayor Aktaş said, “We are trying to open different areas in this sense, especially to create suitable areas for tourist buses to park temporarily”.

Saying that there is a need for social equipment and green areas in addition to parking lots in the region, Mayor Aktaş said, adına We made projections on the one hand and expropriation on the one hand and made on-site determinations with our friends about reaching our target ”. Emir Sultan tombs of the Regional Directorate of Foundations under the ongoing restoration work is about to be completed by recording President Aktas, said the visitor traffic will increase after the arrangement. Mayor Aktaş stated that they are in a hurry to use the tomb of Emir Sultan, one of the most prominent places in Bursa, and that they have gained momentum for the works. Thank you, he accompanied us. With the support of the district municipality, hopefully we will realize a work here together ”.



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