Bird and Wind Barrier to Istanbul Airport!

bird and wind barrier to istanbul airport
bird and wind barrier to istanbul airport

Turkey, one of the largest investment and one of the largest airports as question marks for locating the third airport in Istanbul implemented in the world continues.

Last week, Istanbul-Antalya expedition into the flock of birds and the cockpit of the glass as a result of the plane landing in the mouth came to an emergency landing. CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar brought the allegations about the third airport to the agenda of the Assembly.


During the location of the third airport, which was tendered in 2013, CHP Kocaeli Deputy Haydar Akar noted that the region is located in the forest, pasture and lake area and many warnings about it were ignored.

Akar, the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan asked the Parliament to ask questions to answer. Underlining the warnings in the EIA report, Akar said that the region is home to the 200 bird species and that the 600 thousand birds per year take part in the migration area, but claims that the producer company has not taken the necessary measures to do so.


The third airport before the construction of the 2 year bird flocks to examine the movement and whether the reports presented in monthly periods 6 Minister Turhan to answer whether the request Akar, also the same region 107 day storm and 65 day of the year would be an indication that the choice of location to be cloudy. CHP asking the measures taken against these elements Kocaeli Deputy Heydar Akar, Turkey Aviation Medicine so far in place by the Association reports world in that only because of the bird factor 20 years 18 accident occurred and said 200 people have lost their lives.

Akar asked questions to be answered as follows;

1-Before the third airport construction, what studies have been carried out on the issues included in the EIA report? Did the producer company of the third airport region, which is stated to have an annual 600 thousand birds in the migration area, take these elements into consideration?

2-Have 6 monthly observation reports made in the EIA report been made? If so, on which dates and findings have been reached? If not, why did your Ministry give the necessary permits for the construction of the company?

3-According to Turkey's Association of Aerospace Medicine report last year 20 the world in civilian flights, because of bird strikes 18 200 major accidents have occurred and therefore people lost their lives. What are the measures taken by the State Airports in case of such serious consequences?

4-Are the claims that the region is stormy on 107 day and intense cloudy on 65 day? What are the studies on this subject?

5-Are there any flights that cannot be made due to the wind factor with the opening or emergency landing to other airports? What are these expeditions and when did they occur?

6-Are there any flights that have to return to the airport again from the flocks of birds? What is the number of trips that were canceled due to this reason, and in case of emergency return and landing? When did these flights take place? (Kpsscaf to)

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