Ankara Railway System Map

Ankara Railway System Map

Ankara Railway System Map

Başkentray Ankara is one of the projects that contributed greatly to its inner city journey. With this project which is a total of 36 km, the integration of Ankara-Istanbul, Ankara, Sivas and Ankara, Konya High Speed ​​Train projects in Ankara is provided.

The corridor time between Ankara and Sincan is reduced from 19 minutes to 8 minutes. With this reduced time, 11 hours are reduced to 1 minutes when traveling from Ankara to Eskişehir. There are 5 kilometers on this route which is a total of 36 kilometers. The project included the 184 platform, 25 highway overpass, 2 highway underpass, 13 pedestrian crossing and 2 pedestrian underpass. In this very useful commuter train project, TCDD Transport also considered the disabled citizens and integrated the systems that facilitate transportation for them. There are lifts and escalators at each station. Especially in Lale, Sincan, Yenişehir, Etimesgut, Mamak and Kayaş, where passenger traffic is intense, newspapers, books and food are offered to the passengers and a pleasant journey awaits them. In the design of the Başkentray commuter train, technological systems are used to respond to every request of the passengers. At the stations, every need of the passengers was considered and different services were prepared for them.

Başkentray Stations
Integration with the existing rail systems within the city of Ankara is provided by Başkentray. Batıkent metro station, Yenişehir Station, Keçiören metro station in Ankara Station, ANKARAY and Maltepe and Kurtuluş stations were connected. Başkentray has 4 between Ankara and Kayaş, 5 between Behiçbey and Sincan, and 6 between Ankara and Behiçbey. Başkentray stations consist of Sincan, Lale, Elvankent, YHT Eryaman Station, Hippodrome, Etimesgut, Kurtulus, Yenişehir, Cebeci, Mamak and Kayaş and these stations are located in closed commercial areas where passengers can meet their needs. It is also worshiped to transfer passengers from Yenişehir Station of Başkentray to Kızılay Metro and to ANKARAY at Kurtuluş and Maltepe stations.

Baskentray Ticket Deals
Baskentray, which carries 520 thousand passengers daily between Sincan and Kayas, facilitates transportation in the city to a great extent with its many stations. In this suburban train, which is designed by integrating high-tech systems, every need of the passengers has been considered and the service has been maintained for them. In Başkentray, the single boarding price of Ankarakart is 2,5 for full and 1,75 for student. There are metro, bus and Ankaray transportation vehicles belonging to Metropolitan Municipality from Başkentray stations as well as private public transportation vehicles. As Ankarakart is valid in all these vehicles, it is possible to board any vehicle in Ankara with a single card. This waives both time and extra card issuance.

Baskentray Watches
Capital city commuter trains operate an expedition of 15 minutes. The first time will depart from Xinjiang in the morning at 06.00. Lale, Elvankent, Eryaman YHT, Özgüneş, Etimesgut, Havadurağı, Yıldırım, Behiçbey, Marsandiz, Gazi, Gazi Neighborhood, Hippodrome, Ankara, Yenişehir, Kurtuluş, Cebeci, Demirlibahçe, Saimekadın, Mamak, Bağderesi, Üreıl, Constanta stations It reaches Kayaş at 06.49. The latest trains from Sincan and Kayaş are reciprocating at 19: 45.

One of the conveniences provided by Başkentray is the construction of the Eryaman YHT Station building for passengers in Sincan, Yenimahalle and Etimesgut to benefit from the high-speed train without having to come to Ankara YHT Station.

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