Ankarakart Period Begins in Mercenary ÖHOs

ankarakart period starts in mercenary halls
ankarakart period starts in mercenary halls

EGO General Directorate of 1 from July to be sent to Ankarakart'a notified blue private public bus (ÖHO) began to install validators. In total, 200 buses will pass to Ankarakart.

The blue public buses (ÖHO) which provide public transportation services in Ankara with cash, are electronic devices that are valid for other public transportation vehicles (EGO's bus, metro, Ankaray, ÖHO's and Ankara Public Bus Cooperative). concrete steps were taken to include them in the wage collection system.


Starting from July, EGO General Directorate sent notification to the system, which is also known as Ankarakart. The General Directorate of EGO 1 located in Akköprü. The first vehicles were installed in the Regional Directorate. EGO is also signing protocols with validators. While the vehicles are going to be assembled in batch, validator will be installed on the 4 bus in total. (Hürriyet)

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