Ankara YHT Accident Defective Managers Free

ankara yht accident defective yoneticiler free movement officer and traffic controller prisoner
ankara yht accident defective yoneticiler free movement officer and traffic controller prisoner

Traffic controller Erbey's lawyer said, “Whatever the position, the actual defects and those responsible should be punished,” he said.

13 December 2018 In Ankara YHT accident, 9 person was killed and 93 person was injured. The suspect's lawyers criticized that the 17 TCDD manager, whom the expert found “flawed serbest, was released, but the motion officer and the traffic controller were still under arrest.

One dayAccording to the news of Burcu Cansu from Turkey, within the scope of the investigation, “kazanIn the expert report prepared for the determination of "the persons with faults in the occurrence of the incident and their defect situations", TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın17 manager, including the "defective" was detected. The report, the detained Movement Officer Sinan Yavuz and Traffic Controller Emin Ercan Erbey for "the defect is left to your prosecutor's office," the statement said.

Following the determination in the report, Traffic Controller Emin Ercan Erbey's lawyer Özay Arıkan Ankara 6. Court of Peace Magistrate Yavuz's lawyer Erdem Elvan applied to the peace magistrate on duty and demanded his release.

“Those who are at fault should be punished regardless of their position”
Özay Arıkan, lawyer of Traffic Controller Emin Ercan Erbey, criticized the release of the 17 TCDD manager despite the fact that he was found to be defective and said:

“While other suspects are clearly found to be defective, they are still in custody and my client is still in custody. Regardless of the position of the authority, the actual flawed and responsible ones should be punished. In the present file, although the 17 person clearly states that the person is found to be defective, the fact that these persons are still in custody and that my client without a defect is still in custody is not explained in terms of both legal and public conscience. ”

Lawyer Yavuz's lawyer Erdem Elvan, in his application to the peace magistrate on duty, said: I demand the release of my client ”.

Evacuation request denied
Ankara 6. Magistrate Criminal Judge rejected the application for evacuation for Traffic Controller Erbey on the grounds that “there is no clear determination in the report that there is no fault of the suspect, the scope of the investigation file, the number of victims who died in the accident and the investigation is still continuing..

Ankara 5. The Criminal Court of Peace also rejected the application for Action Officer Yavuz on the grounds that şüph there is a suspicion of strong crime, there is no change in the case of evidence in favor of the suspect due to arrest, the possibility of pressure on witnesses or others to be obscured del.

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