Punishment for vehicles preventing Akçaray Expeditions

punishment to vehicles that prevent akcaray flights
punishment to vehicles that prevent akcaray flights

The vehicles parked on the transit route of Akçaray, which is operated by TransportationPark A.Ş., an affiliate of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, interrupt the flights and victimize the traveling passengers. During the day, both to download material and to do their personal work on the vehicles parked on the rails, mobese cameras in the Akçaray Control Center and Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Police Department and the Police Department Traffic Branch teams are identified and applied criminal action.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, always on the road to ensure that the citizen is not a victim of the controls. In this context, Metropolitan Police teams, in cooperation with the Provincial Police Department Traffic Branch teams in the vehicle that prevent the passengers of the tram and stealing the time of the passengers in the vehicle criminal procedure is applied.

On the other hand, in order to avoid interruption of tram services, Metropolitan Municipality Police Department has a guard team in certain regions during the day. Thus, it interferes with the vehicles parked in the areas that prevent the passage of the tram and pulls the vehicles to the Seven Emin Parking Lot.

Citizens staying in the tram for minutes because of the vehicles parked randomly on the rails are quite uncomfortable with this situation. Due to the wrong parking of one person, the flights come to a halt and all the passengers in the tram are victims. After waiting for minutes, the passengers in the tram reacts to the wrong parking driver while the Metropolitan Police Department and the Provincial Police Department Traffic Branch imposed a criminal procedure on the driver who makes the wrong parking.

TransportationThe station and tram way from the park's control center, 7 day 24 hours are controlled. The tram line staff provides instant control of the problems on the rails by the 180 camera and the 12 display. In order to ensure the security of the line and station, the control center, which operates at 24 clock of the day, ensures that the citizens can travel safely with Akçaray.



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