Akçaray Stops became an Izmirite Slot!

akcaray stops was butts nest
akcaray stops was butts nest

Since there is no trash in Akçaray stops, the surrounding areas remain dirty around the clock.

Kocaeli Barış NewspaperAccording to the news of 'Sebahattin Aydın'; “Akçaray, the transportation vehicle used by the people of Izmit, carries tens of thousands of passengers every day. Trash cans at all stops of the tram preferred by citizens for easy and convenient transportation were removed. Therefore, the stop circles became a garbage bed. Citizens who smoke before getting on the tram are throwing cigarette butts around the station because they cannot find trash cans around the station. This situation causes visual and environmental pollution.

On the other hand, trash cans in the tram stops spilling from neglect. Stall circles resemble garbage because of inadequate incoming garbage cans.



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