Criminal Procedure for Buying Wheelie Sandel Tickets with Unrealistic Declaration

Yht s in the real wheelchair ticket ticket
Yht s in the real wheelchair ticket ticket

The reserved places for passengers who have to travel with wheelchairs in YHTs are taken by non-wheelchair users.

As it is known, when every person who wants to travel on trains buys tickets in accordance with national and international regulations, TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. It is considered to have concluded a contract with. If the “ticket an purchased by paying the fee is deemed to be confirmation of this agreement.

Accordingly, every passenger who buys a ticket, TCDD TAŞIMACILIK A.Ş. sales and transportation rules and personal information given during the sale.

In the case of YHT sets, it is found that the areas reserved for passengers who are obliged to travel with wheelchairs due to their obstacles are purchased with unreal declaration;

If the unreal declaration is detected before the departure of the Train, the passenger's ticket shall be replaced with the appropriate place if the train has a suitable place. If there is no suitable place on the train, the fare of the passenger will be refunded intermittently.

In the event that the unreal declaration is detected during the checks on the train (during the journey), a penalty shall be applied for twice the total fare (100) of the traveled course and the passenger shall be transferred to another place suitable for the train. If there is no room on the train, the passenger will be deemed to have accepted to travel on foot.

Passengers who do not accept both offers will not be allowed to continue at the first station where the train stops.

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