Turkey Domestic Electric Railway was to push the button

When press the turkey local electric train wedding ici
When press the turkey local electric train wedding ici

Turkey again putting up with one hand, high-speed railway network, on the other hand, domestic electric train sets, train sets and pushed the hybrid locomotive for gas production.

The government, which has introduced 15 percent of the population with high-speed trains with investments made in the last 40 years, has started to attack on the railways. Turkey's first locomotive with hybrid technology, which is in transition to the production phase in the hybrid locomotive, started exporting the National E1000 Electric Shunting Locomotive. Domestic YHTs are expected to be on the tracks by 2023.

Marmaray Project and the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway projects and has made its name all over the world in the field of construction of new lines in Turkey while on the other hand is given weight to domestic production. Since 2004, the government has transformed the total amount of 279 pencil and 366 million pounds of material into domestic production on railways. Turkey for the first time produced 160 km / h while the aluminum body design and project work was carried out by the electric train set TÜVASAŞ. Within the scope of this project, 100 set of 20 vehicles will be completed in 2022 and will be offered to the passengers.

With the knowledge gained from the National Electric Train Set design and project development works, the ministry started the design and project works of the aluminum body electric train sets at 2019 km / h speed in 225 and aims to download the first prototype set to the rails in 2021. The Ministry aims to produce high-speed trains with local and national designs until 2023.

In addition to train sets, significant investments are being made for the production of domestic locomotives. Within this scope, the national E5000 Electric Mainline Locomotive will be on the rails in 2020. 100 years, which will have the capacity to produce pieces of this set will end in Turkey's foreign dependence in this area. On the other hand, the production and export of the national E1000 Electric Maneuvering Locomotive has started and MARMARAY, İZBAN; CER engines of Istanbul Mahmutbey and Yenikapı metro vehicles were produced locally in TÜLOMSAŞ. Currently, the new generation of diesel Co-Co type Locomotive Project, the new generation 8 cylinder 1200 HP Diesel Engine Project, LPG Wagon Project, Fire Extinguishing Wagon Project, Diesel Engine Modernization Project, such as localization work is ongoing.

In the last year 15 has installed a total of one thousand 213 kilometers of high speed lines. Ankara-Sivas and Ankara-Izmir work continues. In addition to YHT lines, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, which constructs high-speed railways suitable for 200 km hour speed to carry both freight and passengers, is currently offering a total of 889 thousand 786 km railways, one thousand 429 km high speed, one thousand 4 km road construction continues.the Türkiyegazete)



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