Second Bus Flights Start Between Erzincan Divrigi

The second raybus service starts between Erzincan Divrigi
The second raybus service starts between Erzincan Divrigi

10, the second bus service between Erzincan Divrigi, will start on Wednesday.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Provincial Director Kenan Aydin, raybüs second time in Erzincan Divrigi will begin as of the day Wednesday, July 10 said.

Raybüs services; Departure from Erzincan at 06.25 in the morning and arrival at Ilic at 08.19. 08. 22 in the morning departure from Ilic, arrival in Ilic at 16.21 in the evening. It will be departure from Ilic at 16.26 in the evening and arrival to Erzincan at 18.22 in the evening.


Erzincan - Divriği Route Train Hours
station 1. Train
Erzincan PM14:30
Smoky PM14:44
Cebesoy PM14:49
Incubus PM15:05
Kemah PM15:24
Eric PM15:43
Ferula PM15:52
Yahşice on PM16:00
Gullubag PM16:05
Atma PM16:18
Ilic PM16:25
Km. 824 200 + PM16:35
Bağıştaş PM16:39
Adatepe (Pingen) PM16:50
Contact Kemaliye directly PM17:00
Burmahan PM17:06
km.xnumx 797 + PM17:11
Bald PM17:16
Km. 790 800 + PM17:21
Divrigi PM17:34
Divriği - Erzincan Route Train Hours
station 1. Train
Divrigi PM05:50
Km. 790 800 + PM06:04
Bald PM06:09
km.xnumx 797 + PM06:14
Burmahan PM06:19
Contact Kemaliye directly PM06:25
Adatepe (Pingen) PM06:35
Bağıştaş PM06:46
Km. 823 200 + PM06:49
Ilic PM07:00
Atma PM07:07
Gullubag PM07:19
Yahşice on PM07:25
Ferula PM07:33
Eric PM07:43
Kemah PM08:04
Incubus PM08:26
Cebesoy PM08:42
Smoky PM08:47
Erzincan PM08:59

These trains run every day between Erzincan> Divriği. Erzincan Divriği Regional Train serves every day on the routes of Erzincan, Dumanlı, Cebesoy, Alp, Kemah, Eriç, Çakşur, Yahşiler, Güllübağ, Atma, Ilic, Bağıştaş, Adatepe (Pingen), Kemaliye Çaltı, Burmahan, Dazlak, Divriği. . The train journey between Erzincan Divriği takes approximately 3 hours and 10 minutes.

0446 225 20 27 - (08.00 - 17.00)

0346 418 10 25 - (04.00-11.00 / 14.00-19.30)



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