Saudi Arabia Agreed for Hyperloop Train

Saudi Arabia agreed for hyperloop train
Saudi Arabia agreed for hyperloop train

Saudi Arabia, Hyperloop train tube work began with the priority of Virgin Hyperloop One company. With this system, the train journey will be reduced from 10 hours to 76 minutes.

Hyperloop trains are one of the new generation transportation systems. This innovative approach achieves very high speeds with the electromagnetic magnet and linear electronic motors in the vented capsule. Nowadays, the Saudi Arabian government has reached an agreement with Virgin to use the system, which is 10 times faster than common rail transportation. In the first phase, the Virgin company will build an R & D and production facility in the north of Jeddah, as well as the 35 km-long rail-tube. With the new train system, the 948 mileage between Jeddah and Riyadh can be covered in 76 minutes. Today's trains are able to complete this distance in close to 10 hours.

”Our Virgin Hyperloop One business partnership is a matter of pride for us and Saudi Arabia, Moh said Mohanud A Halal, Secretary-General of the Economic City Administration of Saudi Arabia. An This will be an accelerating development for the Saudi Arabia Silicon Valley effect. Moh The company had previously shown its 500 kilometer speed train inside the 100 meter capsule in Nevada, USA. While the project completion time has not yet been announced with Saudi Arabia and Virgin, some experts remain skeptical of the realization of this system.

What is Hyperloop?

Hyperloop, which moves in a completely vented tube, travels 10 cm in the air thanks to specially developed magnets. Hyperloop or the Turkish version of the speed slot, in short, the speedy wheel, is a high-level rapid transportation tool developed by Elon Musk.

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