Savings in Refrigerated Transportation at Renault Trucks

Refrigerated Transportation Savings Renault Trucksta
Refrigerated Transportation Savings Renault Trucksta

Global Ekspres expands its business volume in fresh fruit transportation with the attractive investment of Renault Trucks.

Global Ekspres, headquartered in Mersin, is engaged in logistics of products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, food and ornamental plants from Antalya to Europe. Developing its business volume with increasing demands, Global Ekspres also provides advantages in cold chain transportation with Renault Trucks T series long haulers.

Global Express offers cold chain transport services to Europe, including the UK and the Netherlands, at a rate of 80. 2018 In April, Renault Trucks T series tow trucks were delivered and the company preferred T 520 high cabin vehicles. Dervis Erkan, General Manager Ertan Erkan, Renault Trucks Sales Director Omer Bursalioglu, Regional Manager Abdullah Ismet Direk, After Sales Regional Manager Can Satir and Imam Kayalıoğulları Automotive General Manager Feridun Short, Sales Manager Sinan Karaman and Delivery Coordinator Muzaffer Aksungur were found.

Fuel saving means the annual maintenance cost of the vehicle itself

Ertan Erkan stated that fuel consumption in refrigerated transportation is higher than other logistics operations and explained as follows; “With the Renault Trucks T series, we achieve an average fuel consumption of 100 liters per 29 km, which is a very good value for the refrigerated transport area. If we think that one of our vehicles makes an average of 120 thousand km per year, we can say that one vehicle saves 3600 liters of fuel per year. This savings corresponds to the annual maintenance and repair costs of a tractor. In other words, our Renault Trucks tow trucks, with the fuel savings they provide their own maintenance costs. Thus, one of our cost items decreases ”

Each specification of vehicles can change fuel saving points

Ertan Erkan stated that they carefully examined all the features of the vehicles when making a purchase decision; Teknik Each technical characteristic of tractors used in long-haul transport may affect cost items. Each feature of the vehicle makes a difference in fuel saving points. Therefore, a good feasibility should be made when making a purchase decision. The Renault Trucks T series meets our expectations at a very good point in terms of both the efficiency of the vehicle and our company..

Driver comfort improves company performance

Global Express especially prefers T series high cab tractors. Ertan Erkan on the subject; Trucks Renault Trucks' high-cab T series is much larger and more comfortable than it looks from the outside. Our drivers are very pleased with the cabin and driving comfort, so this satisfaction is reflected in our operations as a positive acceleration. ”

Even though we deliver it, Renault Trucks is still our vehicle

Renault Trucks Sales Director Ömer Bursalıoğlu stated that the companies driving their vehicles are always supporters; “If we say that Renault Trucks vehicles are marketing our customers, it would not be wrong. Our customer satisfaction ensures that the vehicles are preferred by other logistics companies. Because as Renault Trucks, we always act with the awareness that our main duty started after sales. We deliver our car, but it's a Renault Trucks tow truck. Therefore, in our vehicle, the operational efficiency of our customer is also entrusted to us in one place. ”

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