Pamukova Train Accident Over 15 Year Has Passed But Lessons Not Taken

Pamukova train accident over the years, but no lessons learned
Pamukova train accident over the years, but no lessons learned

📩 22/07/2019 13:10

41 year has passed over the high-speed train accident in Pamukova where 15 has lost their lives, but no lessons have been learned from this accident and new deaths on the railway continued.

UniversalAccording to the news of Derye Kaya; “It has been 22 years since the Pamukova high-speed train accident in which 2004 people died on July 41, 81 and 15 people were injured. Short train before the accident, the high-speed train, which started its voyages with the signal of motion of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who was the prime minister at that time, ignored the warnings of the professional chambers and unions. However, in the 41-year period, fatal accidents continued on the railways, no lessons were learned from this accident. While the penalties after the accident were cut to the lowest level personnel, the managers of the institution did not take any responsibility, privatization practices continued on the railways, necessary maintenance and repairs were not made, personnel deficiencies and signaling systems were not completed. On the 15th anniversary of the Pamukova train accident, we talked with Hasan Bektaş, the President of the United Transportation Employees Union (BTS), and the developments in the railways in the Pamukova train accident and the following period.

Bektas, 1950'li year, since the choice of transportation in the direction of highways, railways were thrown to the second plan, no investment, developing technology, operating and signaling system is not implemented, the AKP government said that the same policies continue. Taş At the beginning of the 2000 years, Bektas was shown to be making improvements with the AKP, and a high-speed train took off. In this way, we reported to all the authorities that the train operation could cause disasters, but our warnings were not taken into consideration and there was an accident in Pamukova where our 41 citizens lost their lives. There are conditions for accelerating the trains and if these conditions are not fulfilled, disasters like Pamukova will be experienced. ” Bektas stated that the political power was protected by its own bureaucrats, although the expert's report stated that the TCDD was wrong at 8 in the ratio of 4. 2 machinist was imprisoned for almost a year, AKP did not learn from this incident, he read what he knows. ”

Bektas said that there was no change in the practices of political power from Pamukova to this side, in the perspective of handling the TCDD from the administrative point of view, and that the political power used the railways as a political tool especially in pre-election periods. Bektas stated that there were no accidents seen in the history of railway after 15 year after Pamukova. “9 in Kütahya, 8 in Gebze Tavşancıl, 25 in Çorlu, and 9 in Ankara recently lost their lives. We are experiencing serious accidents as the institution is filled with unqualified appointments. As long as this understanding continues and the investments are far from science and technology, we will experience new disasters. ” Bektas noted that the understanding of closing the files was dominant in the investigation of Pamukova and Corlu accidents and said, “The expert writes all kinds of reports upon the request of the institution. The penalties were given to the lowest level in both Çorlu and Pamukova. As long as we approach the mistakes and the expert acts like this, we expect new accidents ”.

Bektas, cheap, safe and at the same time to ensure the transport of too many people in terms of rail transportation is one of the people around the world, he said. Bektas, first of the existing railways overhaul, equipped with signaling, tools and equipment, should be completed in terms of personnel, and then increased the speed of train work, he said. Bektaş said, ım Let's apply what the operating rules of the technology are on the high-speed train, and when the rules are applied, there will be no accidents. If we want to do something for our own people, these railways will not be hauled, so accidents will continue. ”

Stating that railways is a science field, Bektas shared his suggestions for safe rail transportation. Taş First of all, privatization law should be thrown away and merit-based management should be dominant. Politicians should pull their hands off the railways, when the hands touch the institution is damaged, the citizen is damaged. What should be in the world railways should be implemented ”.

Bektas pointed out the privatization practices in the negative developments in the railways and said that the railways' collapse was prepared by the law on the liberalization of rail transport in 2013 and that the railways came from the state's monopoly. Bektas, Turkey, Canada, UK, used in the past in countries such as the United States and said he tried to implement projects that step back, "We are harmful examples of the world. As a union, we have worked hard to prevent this law. 'Railways will develop', 'Competition, technology' they said. Our warnings were not listened to, doubling existing problems. ”

Bektas, who is also an 40 annual railman, said that the only priority of the passengers in the 90 was security. Bektas said, “We had our indispensable rules, we had a constitution. 'Every line is written in blood. Never make concessions. ' With the logic of privatization, unqualified appointments, show investments after the 'profit first, ambition, show' understanding entered into our lives on the railways. Perhaps one of the most damaging institutions of privatization is the railways. There is no place for the private sector in the railways;

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