Istanbul Airport's 3. Track Preparations in Progress

Istanbul airport runway preparations are in full swing
Istanbul airport runway preparations are in full swing

Turkey aviation summit in Istanbul at the airport carrying 3. runway work is continuing rapidly. 2020 is scheduled to be put into service in the first half of 3. Istanbul Airport runway independent, this number is the first in Turkey capable of independent operations in parallel with the runway, the airport will be the second in Europe, after Amsterdam

Turkey's new world opened the door and specifications from many airports in the world in terms of decomposition Istanbul Airport, it will provide significant relief from the cruise experience with independent 3 track. When the third runway goes into operation, Istanbul Airport will have 3 operational runways with 5 independent runways and spare runways. Thanks to the new runway, air traffic capacity will increase from 80 airplane take-offs to 120, while the slot flexibility of airlines will be increased. In addition, with the completion of 3.piste, which is close to the airport where domestic flights are operated, the current taxi times will decrease by 50 percent.

Istanbul Airport 3 is under construction. HDI Airport Property is located in the assessment of the runway Chief Executive Officer and General Manager H. Kadri Samsunlu: "From the record, the largest airport in the world to be built in a while Istanbul Airport, is among the most important projects of Turkey. After an unprecedented successful and almost flawless giant move in the world, our operations continue at full speed. There is no airport in the world that has these characteristics with both construction and transportation. We are also proud to achieve this. 6 Since April 2019 have hosted nearly 17 million 500 thousand passengers. We have worked hard to create an airport where passengers can enjoy all kinds of comfort in such a large structure in the easiest way. We aim to launch our three independent runways in the first 6 month of next year. With the completion of three independent runways under construction, we will carry this claim of service quality to the top with the comfort and time savings it will provide. Istanbul Airport is the most important economic asset of our country. It will be the driving force in the development of our country. ”He said.

Efforts to accelerate taxi traffic continue

On the other hand, extra efforts are underway to reduce aircraft taxi times at Istanbul Airport. Within this scope, the installation of loop sensors, microwave barriers, control panels and stop bars to accelerate the traffic planned to be placed under the surface of taxiways has been started. In addition, during these studies, asphalt and paint repair maintenance works were put into practice.

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