Getting to Antalya Airport Easier

Getting to antalya airport is even easier
Getting to antalya airport is even easier

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has added 600 line in addition to the existing lines 800 and 400 to facilitate access to the airport. The routes of the lines were also rearranged. Only the passengers going to the airport can benefit from these three lines and landings will not be made.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System continues its activities in order to provide safe, comfortable and uninterrupted public transportation service to citizens. The airport, which is the most active point of Antalya, which is busy with tourism in the summer season, is made easier and uninterrupted. For this purpose, a new line was added to the airport and existing lines were revised.

7 400, which will commence service on Sunday, will provide access to the Airport from Konyaalti. Konyaaltı Sarisu line will depart, in turn, Ataturk Boulevard, Dumlupinar Boulevard, Gazi Boulevard, Calli Junction, Kepez Municipality Junction, Hal Junction, Altinova Street and Airport will serve the route. Line 400, 60 will run once per minute.

The Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System has also revised the existing lines 800 and 600, which make flights to the airport. The 800 line, which has previously passed through Konyaalti region, will serve only to Lara Region and East Garage since the 400 line will be put into service. The travel period of the line will also decrease from 120 minutes to 45 minutes. Line 800 departing from the airport will pass through Kardeşkentler Avenue, Barinatlar Avenue, Terracity Shopping Center, İsmet Gökşen Avenue, Metin Kasapoğlu Avenue, Sampi Junction to Cebesoy Avenue and will exit from Balıkçıoğlu Avenue to Burhanettin Onat Avenue and back from the same route.

600 line, which provides transportation to the airport, will continue to serve on the route of Otogar-Erasta Shopping Center-Teacher's House-Faculty of Medicine-University-Meltem-State Hospital-100.Year-Markantalya-Mevlana-Meydan-Topçular-TEDAŞ-Antalya Airport. will perform once a minute.

The Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System of the Metropolitan Municipality will launch a new implementation in July after the implementation of the lines providing transportation to the airport and necessary arrangements have been made. 14 As of July Sunday, the lines that provide access to the airport will only take passengers from the stops to the airport and there will be no landing at the stops between them. Likewise, the lines departing from the airport will not take passengers from other stops, but only passengers. Thus, transportation to the airport will be provided faster.

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