Paving Work on Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge is Over

Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge asphalting work is over
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge asphalting work is over

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, said that the work started on the 27th of June at Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge has been completed. Turhan said, “We are completing the works in the second phase of superstructure and joint repair works on FSM Bridge and opening the bridge to traffic today.” said.

In his statement, Turhan mentioned that a platform of the bridge, namely four lanes, was closed during the works and that the work was planned to be completed in two stages and in total 52 days.

Turhan; He stated that 2,5 centimeter mastic asphalt and 2,5 centimeter stone mastic asphalt were applied after the removal of old asphalt and insulation on the bridge, sandblasting and application of new primer and insulation.

Noting that the expansion joints of the bridge were dismantled and the workshop repairs were made and reassembled, Minister Turhan continued his speech as follows: “The first stage was completed in 17 days, the second stage was completed in 14 days. We complete the works in the second stage of the bridge and open it to traffic today. In the studies lasting 31 days, working on a 24-hour basis and proper weather conditions were effective in completing the works before the foreseen time. ”

Turhan stated that if it is needed in the following years, only the top layer, that is 2,5 centimeters of stone mastic asphalt, will be renewed in order to affect the minimum level of traffic in the superstructure repairs. said.

17 August 2019 was given as the end date for the works on the bridge. However, later Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said the work will be completed before the Eid al-Adha.

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