Target 2020 200 Thousand Piece Electric & Hybrid Vehicle In XNUMX!

Thousand Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in Target Year
Thousand Electric and Hybrid Vehicles in Target Year

ALD Automotive Turkey, a special "Hybrid Event for customers in cooperation with Toyota Turkey" was held. ALD Automotive's second ”Hybrid Effectiveness amaç aimed to raise awareness of alternative powertrain technologies and to emphasize the importance of reducing carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

ALD Automotive Turkey, to raise awareness about their customers hybrid vehicles, in order to draw attention to the importance of reducing the carbon footprint in collaboration with Toyota Turkey, in which customers participate in a special "Hybrid Event" was realized. Participants had the opportunity to test drive between Istanbul and Adapazari with the entire hybrid portfolio of Toyota and Lexus, including Corolla, CH-R, RAV4 and Lexus RX. Participants also visited Toyota's Adapazarı plant, which is located worldwide as a hybrid production facility for Corolla and CH-R models, and received answers to their questions about hybrid technologies. ALD Automotive Turkey, continuing its awareness-raising campaigns, fleet encourage customers to use green vehicles in the coming months to contribute to creating opportunities for cost savings in the medium term allowing them to remain environmentally plans to organize other events.

This special event also supports the corporate social responsibility strategy implemented by ALD Automotive around the world. With 2018 thousand electric and hybrid vehicles in its fleet around the world as of year-end, ALD Automotive aims to further reduce fleet fuel consumption and CO102 emissions;

Carbon emissions in ALD Automotive's fleet have been declining at a global level since 2011. 2018 year-end data show an average carbon emission of 119 g / km. This means an improvement of 2016g / km compared to the 3 active fleet. In the medium term, the company aims to reduce its carbon footprint to 110 g / km.

To further support this transition, ALD Automotive successfully issued its first positive impact bond to finance its green fleet last year. 500 4 year fixed rate priority bonds valued at million euros are currently being used only to finance eligible instruments. This issue proves the company's commitment to finding innovative financial solutions to invest in clean transport and encourage the transition to a low-carbon future.

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