Yozgat Governor Cakir Investigated Works on YHT Line

yozgat governor cakir yht line studies examined
yozgat governor cakir yht line studies examined

Governor of Yozgat Kadir Cakir, Sorgun district within the scope of the district visits and visits made a number of visits.

First visited the district governor Cakir Governor, District Governor Mustafa Altinpinar district and received information about the work done in the district. Then the high-speed train line passing through the district on-site studies of the ongoing rail laying Governor Cakir, the contractor company officials received information about the work.

Then, the village visits Kadir Cakir Governor, Sorgun'a Sarıhacılı connected to the village by the Special Provincial Administration of the cobblestone paving work in the village examined the work. Sorgun Sarıhacılı between the village Küçükköhne, Şahmuratlı, İdrisli and Kocaoğlukışlı also examined the villages of the Governor Cakir, operating in the district and employing 330 people visited the textile factory Rota.

Governor Cakir in the textile factory, taking information from the factory officials, thanked many people for providing employment.

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