Transportation Memur-Sen Organized Workshop with Associations in Transportation Service Branch

Transportation Officer Sen Transportation Service Branch Associations Organized Calistay
Transportation Officer Sen Transportation Service Branch Associations Organized Calistay

📩 28/06/2019 14:46

A meeting was held at the Transportation Memur-Sen Headquarters under the chairmanship of President Kenan Çalışkan, attended by the 18 Association and its President. At the meeting, the demands and suggestions of all transportation services before collective bargaining were evaluated.

Transportation Officer-Sen, 2019 Year Collective bargaining work continues uninterruptedly. Transport workers in all workplaces visited Turkey in the past months and Collective Bargaining Officer-Sen started the work Transportation Headquarters management, had organized a two-day workshop with the Branch collective agreement in Ankara last week.

Finally, before the determination of the issues that will be taken to the Collective Agreement to be held in August this year, the Transport Officer-Sen Headquarters, which brought together associations operating in the transportation service branch, discussed the demands and suggestions in all service branches with the Associations.

Transportation Officer-Sen Chairman Kenan Caliskan Transportation Officer-Sen Headquarters 18 Association and chairman attended the meeting, Transportation Officer-Sen Vice-President İbrahim Uslu, Mehmet Yıldırım and Murat Olgun also accompanied.

Speaking at the meeting, the Presidents of the Association stated that they had a first in many years and expressed their appreciation for this meeting organized by the Transportation Officer-Sen.

The Presidents of the Association, under the leadership of the Transport Officer-Sen, in this year's collective bargaining agreement, as in previous years, this year too many problems will be solved and Transportation employees believe that the full agreement and the collective bargaining process in all matters related to and behind the Transport Officer-Sen management they are.

At the meeting, demands and suggestions of transportation officers in all fields of service branches were evaluated.

Transportation Memur-Sen's collective bargaining demands will be shared with the public in July by Memur-Sen along with the demands of all trade unions.

Associations participating in the Collective Bargaining Workshop of Transport Officer-Sen;

DEGÜVDER Association of Social Assistance and Solidarity of Security Officers Working on Railways

DEKAD Railway Association

Association of Railway Traffic Controllers,

DEMMAGAD Train Organization Officers Association

DEMÜHDER Association of Railway Engineers,

DETEVAD Railway Technical Wagons Association,

ENKAMUDER Association of Solidarity and Solidarity of Disabled Public Employees

HAVATED Aviation Technical Staff Association

HAVA-ULAŞ-DER Airports Transportation Employees Association,

HAVELTED Aviation Electrical Technical Staff Association

KAMUENDER Public Aid and Solidarity Association

LOÇA-DER TCDD Transportation Co. Logistics Employees Association,

SİHAGUVDER Airports Security Officers Association,

Taes to Turkey Air Traffic Safety Electronics Association,

Taima Turkey Aeronautical Information Management Association,

Turkey Air Traffic Controllers Association TATCA

TURKEY Arff Air Rescue and Fire Officers Association,

YOLDER Solidarity and Solidarity Association of Railway Maintenance Personnel

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