Transportation to Bursa City Hospital

transportation to the city hospital relaxes with big city
transportation to the city hospital relaxes with big city

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktas, Turkey's largest listed among the targeted opening of this year 10 investment and Bursa also said he quickly took the road works to facilitate access to the City Hospital.

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa City Hospital on-site studies aimed at facilitating access to the road examined. Mayor Aktaş, together with Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, accompanied by AK Party Nilüfer District President Ufuk Ay, Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone (NOSAB) observed the asphalt applications.

“NOSAB will also relax”

After the Ramadan Feast, Mayor Aktaş started the first day of the week with a road survey. At this point, there is a distance of approximately 6500 meters. With this study, we will not only relieve the City Hospital but also the Nilüfer Organized Industrial Zone. In the first stage of the 3500 meter area, 3 round-trip hot asphalt works will be completed by the end of the year, ”he said.

Mayor Aktaş examined all the activities in the region and said, “NOSAB from Altınşehir Cevizli 1 up the street. The expropriation process is continued by our Real Estate Expropriation Department at the sections beyond 3500 meters. Parallel to the completion of the expropriation works, the 6,5 - 7 km line will be accessible to the City Hospital. At the same time, heavy tonnage vehicles in NOSAB will be able to be transported to Ring Road without entering the city. ”

Work in progress

Mayor Aktaş stated that works will continue as long as reconstruction and expropriations are made., This is one of the subjects that we have mentioned in our Transportation Master Plan. We are considering the same application for Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone. Therefore, we want to separate all elements that constitute the density of city transport from the city. We already have a way to go, but both the tire system and the rail system, we continue to work in a feverish way. ”

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